What Minneapolis City Council Just Promised Protesters Is Utterly Insane On Every Level; Criminals Are Rejoicing

(Tea Party PAC) – Well, folks, if there’s one thing that 2020 has made abundantly clear over the last six months, it’s that it doesn’t take much for people here in this country, particularly those of the left-wing variety, to lose their ever loving minds.

Insanity is now prevailing over common sense in the light of violent protests and cries of racism over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers. Not only are cities being burned to the ground, or businesses destroyed and ransacked, but apparently what many of the protesters want, they are going to get.

The Minneapolis city council has said that they will be abolishing the police, aiming for a “police-free future.”

Criminals everywhere are celebrating.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

A veto-proof majority of the Democrat-dominated Minneapolis City Council announced Sunday that it had bowed to Black Lives Matter protesters’ demands to abolish the police, promising the demonstration a “police-free future.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported:

In their boldest statement since George Floyd’s killing, nine Minneapolis City Council members told a crowd Sunday that they will “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.”

“We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does,” they said, reading off a prepared statement. “We’re committed to engaging with every willing community member in the City of Minneapolis over the next year to identify what safety looks like for you.”

Their words — delivered one day after Mayor Jacob Frey told a crowd of protesters he does not support the full abolishment of the MPD — set off what is likely to be a long, complicated debate about the future of the state’s largest police force.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees this as a horrifically bad idea. Why in the world would you abolish the police over the death of one person? Yes, what the officers involved in this incident did was horrific and deserving of punishment. But that doesn’t mean you toss out the baby with the bath water.

Instead, you make needed changes to help provide better training for officers with a focus not only on enforcing the law, but also in protecting the constitutional rights of all individuals.

Since it’s so difficult to get firearms in Minnesota, these folks are going to leave the general public in the hands of dangerous criminals. Many of the neighborhoods with a majority black population are going to be decimated. This is not the right way to solve this problem. At all.

Protests — and riots, and looting — erupted in Minneapolis and across the nation in the aftermath. The demand to “defund the police” or “abolish the police” has played a greater role in the demonstrations, and has gained traction among Democratic Party politicians — even though polls suggest it is deeply unpopular.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was booed and chased out of a demonstration on Saturday by a mob after he declined to commit to abolishing the police.

But a nine-member majority of the city council — veto-proof, in the 13-member chamber — has taken sides with Black Lives Matter.

Activists tried to reassure the public Sunday that ending the police force would not mean the total disappearance of neighborhood security.

MPR News quoted one activist as saying that “a uniformed mental health crisis response team” might form the core of a new system that “looks nothing like the current police department system.”

A mental health crisis response team? What in the world is that? How is a psychologist going to stop violent criminals from hurting and killing people or stealing their property? This is insanity.

All of the individual members on the council are left-wing in some capacity. Not a single Republican is a member. You see what kind of craziness happens without conservatives to bring about balance?

Here’s to hoping the people of Minneapolis do something to stop this from happening. Their city cannot afford something like this to be done to their communities.

Source: breitbart.com/crime/2020/06/07/minneapolis-city-council-promises-to-abolish-the-police-police-free-future/


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  5. What a great idea.

    It’s time that people see the worth of law and order.

    With no police to enforce any rules people and businesses will leave Minneapolis in droves.

    The city will go bankrupt. Out of business.

    I wonder where their sports franchises will move?

    Maybe this is a ploy to introduce private security and robocop.

  6. Well even better yet, maybe Minnesota needs to be the first trial state for the concept of the purge, where folks from all outlining states can come in and eradicate the cancer that plagues the state. I really hope that California will be the next in line for this kind of vigalanie justice, as I will be returning to the real wild wild west of Nevada, Oh and don’t get me wrong, most Nevadans in the out lying areas are not afraid of you and the shit that you are trying to push down thier necks, and they won’t stand for it.

  7. The city councilors have found the perfect solution to crime. With no police, criminals will flock to Minneapolis because there is no one to stop them from stealing, robbing, or killing. When the law abiding people have been killed or left the city, the only people left will be the criminals. They don’t work, so they will have to steal, rob, and kill each other. When they have reduced the population of Minneapolis to 1, there will be no crime in the city. Problem solved.

  8. With no cops to secure a scene, whether it be a shooting, finding a dead body, a house on fire or anything else; aid vehicles, fire trucks, or the county morgue will not go to the scene. Their safety and vehicles security must be guaranteed before they can go to work. So, houses will burn to the ground, people getting shot or having a heart attack won’t receive the aid they need to survive and dead bodies will lie on the ground for the birds to pick over. Welcome to Hell Minneapolis. Glad I visited you last summer, because I’m never going back.

  9. Let’s go sportsman ,lets go hunting and fishing .Get a first class hotel .Dont pay for anything ,no fishing license,no hunting license, no fish limit Shoot wolves , Bears , dogs .cats. There won’t be any Police to arrest you . Just weird people to talk to about right and wrong . I will never visit that state again .there leadership sucks

  10. No problem, let’s go back to the Wild West and just have a sheriff and a deputy. When a person commits a serious crime like murdering someone or assault, looting and burning down a building, rape, abusing a child the sheriff will deputize a posse and the posse will be paid when they capture or kill the criminal. If captured we will a have trial and if guilty hang them in the town square like in the old days. At one time they hung people for stealing a horse! Legalize all drugs and who cares if someone overdoses, its their choice just like gambling, nobody forces you to ether. By doing this we should cut out 90% of people in jail. Jails will be mostly for drunks/ Dui’s So they can sleep it off. Put all of the saved money ftom police and jails into education! By doing this there will be no need for groups like Antifa and BLM because they won’t have anything to complain about! They will become non essential! Let’s vote on it in November!

  11. Good luck with this bullshit. I can’t wait to see who’s going to answer calls for service. What social worker is dumb enough to respond to a domestic disturbance call? Glad I don’t live in Minneapolis. However it’s going to be great entertainment for the rest of us.

  12. The Minneapolis city council members have their heads up their asses. They showed exactly how stupid they are. This is political correctness run amok; completely insane. Vote these queer-leaning bums out onto the street and see them brutally accosted by the criminals. Then, they will scream to re-establish the city police department. Is the Minnesota state police (perhaps the national guard) going to patrol Minneapolis?

  13. Well let me tell you what I personally think of all this by abolishing the Police.
    I have lived in a situation like this before in a country when I was a kid. No police, just wait what comes after that. Military Police. (MP)
    With that we’re are not fooling around.
    A Dictatorship come out of this. And you have no say so period. Only just because one man get killed it’s coming to a change???? There will be more killed by firing squads. Somebody will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!! There will be stricter curfews or get shot.

  14. Well private security are police too, so let the city council abolish their security “police” and see what happens when they have a legal / imminent danger issue and yell “help psychiatrist”—they’ll surely survive by the advice given “It’s not your fault, take a pill or smoke cannabis to calm your anxiety”. As always non-enforcement of laws is the problem and eliminating the enforcers of law is just a way to enable more people who wish to break the laws that were enacted to preserve individual rights and civilized life or to put it otherwise eliminate laws and return to chaos. No police–No laws–No courts–No rights–Anarchy or worse.

    • Dictatorship will take control.
      Firing squads will come about.
      Stricter curfews will be more enforced.
      And it’s driving to A communist state.

  15. These “Defund and Abolish Police” movements are the criminals version of DACA. They are still committing crimes on the books, yet nobody is enforcing them and/or coming after you.

    • Yea but what they do not understand is just because the law do not come when they break in does not mean the victoms inside are going to roll over and play dead.

  16. If you want your city to go “Down the Tubes Fast”, yes, please defund the Police ! I doubt that there is a dumber bunch of people running another city in America, then the people running Minneapolis ! You are RUINING this city, and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You are going to see businesses FLYING out of your city, and people too.

  17. Well let’s just wait and see who they will collect taxes from after the law abiding citizens run out of their great state

  18. I have a question are the good people of Minneapolis going to stand for this lunacy. If so they better all start packing heat.

  19. Sounds like a group of people that would come to reassure you that you have “white privilege “and that all of your possessions can be easily replaced. NO WORRIES. If you are black, don’t worry because you’re black. Now Bob needs to go to one of those reeducation camps Democrats keep talking about since he doesn’t know where in the political spectrum he belongs. The same police force belonged to comrade Oblamo and clueless mentally deranged creepy uncle Joe.

    • You mean sleepy joe.
      Snipers will be born out of this. There will be more joe’s getting shot.

  20. Lawlessness and Chaos: the devil’s plan put in place by Dictocrats and desired by the lemmings. They are getting what they voted for. Wild, Wild West in the streets of the cities. Then they will cry for someone to come save them.

    • I looked and found some videos of whit men getting wrongly handled by the police and believe me there are many but with that said I never remember any whites protesting or looting or burning their own towns. If it is true lawlessness you desire just when you get it stay on your side of the state lines because some of the citizens will not take this happening in their states.

  21. The thing is – it’s not about one man that has been brutally murder by the hands of the police. It’s about our future sons and daughters that the police have posed a threat. I have a son that I pray for every day. I’m afraid for his life and the lives of others. This has gone on long enough, it is time for the police to pay for the injustice they have inflicted on black people, it’s time to take a stand and fight for our lives. I’m sorry if you don’t agree, but Black Lives does matter to every mother that has a son and so forth.

    • Really? And why do you have to pray for your son every day??? Is he a drug addict, non law abiding citizen, a criminal, hmmmmm. I pray you don’t have to bury him early but his actions , which btw, you failed to mention, will have consequences. Only he can change his ways and that would require changing his heart. It’s called balance, karma or whatever you wish to name it. Do good and good happens. Do bad and bad happens. It’s the simplest thing. But, IF YOU HAVE ALLOWED YOURSELF TO BECOME ENSLAVED UNDER THE DEMOCRATIC RHETORIC, then you have failed your son.

    • Please do not take this wrong but I too have 7 sons and daughter. I raised them to respect the law and follow the rules and proud to state they always have. The fact that Mr. Floyd had Fentanyl in his system along with forms of speed could have been the reason for his death and the fact that the police did keep him restrained beyond what was reasonable. Had the same restraint been applied to someone without these ileagle substance in their system the death was probably not the outcome not saying his Mr Floyd’s case was the correct way to restrain someone. But with this said if we would get back to disapline for our youth then teaching the proper respect for everyone not only law enforcement we would have a better nation. I pray for the Floyd Family every night as well as our country and its leaders. This lawless society they are wanting, believe me they dont need. I suppose we will have to stand back and observe the worst it that law goes into effect. May God Bless our Nation !!

  22. Our Nation was founded as One Nation Under God. Our Constitution was written based on the Holy Bible. God loves order & justice. He also loves ALL of the people He created so much, that He sent His only son to die & rise again so our sins could be forgiven. Instead of taking sides & destroying our country we must fall to our knees, repent of our sins & ask God for mercy & true righteousness. As we learn to love each other the way God loves us, God will show us the truth and the truth will set us free! Ask Jesus to forgive our/your sins & lead us in the way everlasting!

    • Yes this is so true and worthy to announce to all. We are truly all brothers and sisters to our Heavenly Father.

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  26. My fellow Americans, a great victory against Fuhrer Drumpf and his fascist police state was achieved in Minneapolis, but one city is not enough. We need to continue getting every police department across America disbanded! Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Portland, Houston, Milwaukee, Miami, even the irrelevant small cities! Every victory counts! The war against the Fourth Reich is not over, people! Not even close!

    • Pard – I saw the streets and mass graves filled with people like you. They all died begging to live. Be CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR AND DESIRE.

    • Searching for a brain among the supporters of this insane idea.

      Not to be found…

      Forrest Gump said it best
      “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • People like “Bob June 8, 2020 At 11:22 pm” in the comments are the biggest problem. Nobody with an ounce of intelligence would abolish the police departments. But Bob thinks he is an American when he is, in fact, the Fourth Reich.

    • Bob, when your sister or daughter or wife is raped make sure you call a mental health response team. I’m sure they’ll talk sweetly to the rapist so that he feels real bad. And that would be enough for you, right?

    • Wow Boob I think the tinfoil hat has gotten a tight here lately, probably due to the swelling of your head from the traumatic brain injury brought on by having a fecal impaction of your circle of Wallace, so rave on cat shit, someone will cover you up.

    • I hope you are the first one that needs help and they leave you in the gutter which is where you belong! Wake up idiot.

    • Bob, Obviously you’re an idiot but let’s work with that. Before you get rid of the police in the rest of the country let’s give it 6 months and see how it works in Minneapolis. It might get too rough for even a good communist like you if you even live in Minneapolis. If you dont then you should keep your communist nose out of their business.

    • Bob, your comments are criminal, calling for the overthrow of Government is possibly treasonous. I suspect your actual residence is more likely the PRC.

    • You do realize the one party city council actually is fascist. You know one party rule with one ideology. Many of our major urban areas have decades of one party rule. The Democrats I’ve run Chicago, Minneapolis, Baltimore,Detroit, LA, etc with no variety of thought. That is by definition fascism and ironically where most poverty, crime and these violent incidents take place. So you may want to rethink who you want in charge or at least do some real radical change like conservative values of limited government = lower taxes and regulations for more job opportunities and school choice for better education.

    • Out of curiosity Bob, do you have a police record? Have you ever needed to defend yourself? Are you willing to scrape up the bodies of the ones shot to death? What are your feeling if they burn your car or house? Has any members of your family been raped? My cousin out shopping at a mall was caught in the cross fire of a gang fight. He spent a year in a wheelchair before dying of complications. Is that the kind of rule you want for your family? Or has your family left you due to your bitterness and hate?

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  28. Minnesota is a state ruled by idiots. They are going to suffer awful consequences with their fake cops. Many of the fake cops
    Responding to calls Will be the same ones that looted
    vandalized, and attacked cops during the insurrection.


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