What NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ Accuses Major Conservative News Outlets Of Intentionally Doing Is Actually Libel

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s no secret that left-wing media outlets hate any sort of news organization that attempts to approach the stories of the day from a more objective point of view or present the opposite side’s take on subjects and issues, especially from places like Fox News.

Some of that is probably due to jealousy, as Fox News regularly beats the pants off practically every liberal news outlet on the air right now, but that’s beside the point. While it’s not uncommon for places like NBC and CNN to take potshots at conservative news, what Meet The Press host Chuck Todd is doing has crossed the line from criticism into libel.

Check this out.

Via Gateway Pundit:

NBC’s Meet the Press and host Chuck Todd libeled The Gateway Pundit Sunday morning with a graphic prepared by NBC reporter Ben Collins that falsely labeled TGP of being part of a “chain of intentionally bad information”. Todd also slandered TGP in his question about the graphic.

Here’s the flow chart they posted on NBC which is completely ridiculous in so many ways.

Does all conservative news really start at 4chan?

Is The Drudge Report really conservative anymore?

Are they really saying these outlets are “Intentionally” misreporting the news?

There may be a lawsuit in the works here.

Newsbusters reported on the segment and posted a partial transcript. Chuck Todd pressed establishment conservative Matthew Continetti of the Free Beacon on the Meet the Press smear of independent conservative media and Continetti responded by throwing everyone under the bus.

TODD: Matthew, I wanted you to address what I think is an ecosystem problem, at least on the right. I want to put up something that my colleague, Ben Collins, put here. It’s a bit of an ecosystem here. It’ll say, something starts on 4Chan. There’s the subreddit of Trump. InfoWars might pick it up. Then it starts inching into the mainstream. Gateway Pundit might just say, “Oh, what’s this about?” Then it gets to Drudge, might have a provocative headline link. Rush might say it in his fun, little way. Then it does make its way into Fox News and then, of course, your Facebook feed. How do you create more accountability in the conservative ecosystem for, basically, dealing with propaganda?

CONTINETTI: Well, it’s hard work. And I think it begins by trying to instruct young conservatives in the canons of journalism, mainly, empirical verification, right? And this, I think, the distrusted institutions, that’s longstanding among conservatives, has led many of them to no longer believe in the idea that you need, kind of, evidence, in order to forward a fact. Or they don’t believe in certain verified sources, credentialed sources, of evidence or information. They don’t trust any of it.

Further in his comments Continetti compares conservative outlets to the supermarket tabloids that feature articles about the space alien predicting the next president.


The left is absolutely terrified of folks arming themselves with truth, which is why they want to put a muzzle over any sort of news organization that aims at presenting another side of issues. If someone explodes the narrative they hold so dear, the viewers stop watching. Viewers stop watching, they can kiss advertising dollars goodbye, and then their jobs go away too.

Journalism has taken a downward spiral toward hell in the last several decades, as the mainstream media has gone from presenting objective facts for folks to make up their own minds on issues, to spoon feeding folks a liberal worldview. The media is now a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party and it has successfully divided the greatest nation on earth. This is tragic.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/nbcs-meet-the-press-libels-the-gateway-pundit-rush-limbaugh-drudge-infowars-for-spreading-intentionally-bad-information/


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