What The House GOP Is Getting Ready To Call For Against Mueller Team Should Have Them Quaking In Their Boots

(Tea Party PAC) – House Republicans led by Rep. Devin Nunes of California are preparing to make a call that will absolutely ruin the day of anyone who happens to have been on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and when it happens the responses from the left are going to be totally glorious in every conceivable way.

So what’s happening?

Well, GOP House members are getting ready to make criminal referals against the Mueller team alleging they lied to a court about former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.

Who else is excited to see Mueller and his cronies get what they deserve? Show of hands please.

Check out more details from WND:

As John Solomon reported Monday on his news site Just the News, newly declassified FBI memos directly conflict with court filings in which Mueller’s team asked a federal judge to send Papadopoulos to prison.

Papadopoulos — who pleaded guilty to making false statements to FBI agents about his contacts with figures purportedly tied to Russia who had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton — contends he was entrapped by various government intelligence agencies to justify FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Nunes told Solomon in a podcast to air Tuesday that his team has been poring over FBI documents, including witness reports known as 302s, and has found evidence that contradicts claims Mueller’s team made to courts and to Congress.

Nunes went on to say in his interview with John Solomon,”We’re now going through these 302s, and we’re going to be making criminal referrals on the Mueller dossier team, the people that put this Mueller report together.”

Nunes stated that the FBI interview memos of Papadopoulos reveal the former Trump adviser offered to help the bureau find a very important individual in the case, none other than the infamous European professor Joseph Mifsud.

However, Mueller’s prosecutors made it appear as if Papadopoulos was trying to hinder the investigation instead of offering to help it along, which is the lying part of the charges Nunes and friends are levying at Mueller and his buddies.

The new FBI memos, said Nunes, provide “our first evidence of the Mueller team lying to the court.”

“It a lie. It’s a total lie,” the lawmaker said, referring to the Mueller team’s claim that Papadopoulos tried to hinder efforts to locate and question Mifsud.

“I always assumed that Papadopolis probably was helpful. I mean, he’s kind of alluded to that, that he offered to be helpful, but we had never seen the actual 302s,” Nunes said.

The corruption of the current Deep State — those individuals who are leftists within the government and have been working to disrupt the Trump administration and get him tossed from office — truly knows no bounds.

Individuals who are part of the “resistance” in the government are willing to break all of the rules, throw justice and liberty under the bus, and lie, cheat, and steal in order to get back at the president for winning the 2016 election and stripping them of political power they now feel entitled to own.

If we want to preserve our nation’s founding principles and the liberties we take for granted every single day, we need to ensure that the law is equally applied to all people, regardless of economic standing or political affiliation. This means that individuals who break the law are held accountable for their actions.

We must ensure that Mueller and his team face consequences for their deception, otherwise another brick in the foundation of our justice system crumbles.

Source: wnd.com/2020/02/house-gop-refer-criminal-charges-mueller-team/


  1. I was so sure these crooks would get what they deserve ,I watched fox every night thinking it would soon be over but now I,m disgusted I don’t watch anymore.With all the facts and evidence I,m hearing that it,s going to be a slim chance anyone will be going to jail. I hear the truth is the right is scared to death of the left , that was it for me.

  2. Nunes is becoming Graham Jr. Let’s find all the crimes committed by the DemoRats but then Nunes and Graham along with the rest of the Spineless gutless Rino’ s and Republicans never make it to the courts. Then I get inundated with e-mails to donate money, These people will not get a penny until I see handcuffs and 5am raids on someone in the Democratic mafia crime ring. I recommend term limits for everyone in government, and while President Trump is in the White House I recommend he stays until all others have been replaced in House and Senate along with the alphabet Depts.

  3. The demonic Democrats get off for any crimes they commit. There is no law that applies to them. The politics by the Republicans is considered and treated as crimes and people like Flynn, Manafort, Cohen and Stone including their families are destroyed. The satanic Democrats live scot free and untouchable.

    • D’s are all lies. Review the results of all the previous democrat administrations and you won’t see a forecast of the next four. The last quarter of the Bush administration, the enconamy tanked because business knew to get positioned for what was to come. Eight years of you didn’t build that and government needs to take it to feed a corrupt, bloated system that’s makes politicians rich. The last quarter of the Obama administration really started the recovery, not because of his policies but because business saw things would be drastically improving because the President believed America should be first and was going to take the country back to policies that were good for America. He has kept his promises as far as his authority has allowed while being fought and lied about by his detractors. Our country and people are headed in the right direction and four more years will put us on an even stronger path. Just think where we might get if you detractors actually loved our country as much as the President. Think of our country and not your political quest for power. TRUMP 2020

  4. Impeachments should have started in the house of Nancy and the squad, instead of the oval office.The FBI should be cleaned out as well, and dig up the REAL dirt that Hillary and Obama piled on everyone else!! Jail all of the Dems. involved in the witch hunt, with shifty Shift being one of the first.

  5. I keep praying for justice to return,come on Barr,make it happen,show the people that there is still some with honor,these crooks must go down for this country to survive,without law and justice were done.

    • Remove their security clearance so they cannot get into and change anything. Once out of office or caught lying they should lose it

  6. You are exactly right! The people responsible for this Coup, intended to bring down the President, must suffer consequences! The American People deserve to see Justice! The Time is Now! #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening

    • First off Robert Mueller is as “brain dead” of a person who had been ever bee placed in charge of anything. When finally asked about Fusion GPS he stated: “ I’m not familiar with the term,” as he searches through papers like a blind old fool which he was made out to be.
      This was the bitter old woman of the House 1st attempt to overthrow a sitting President. Nancy Pelosi can no more run the House than she could run with her skinny old legs in 8” heels!

    • Starting with Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats in both the House and Senate conspired to overthrow the President, Donald Trump. Some of this can be blamed on the wicked twisted face of Pelosi, but for the first time in our History, foreign agents and felons from enemy nations infiltrated our government. The so called “squad” are all anti American and come from rouge areas. like Somalia. These 4 women must be arrested & imprisoned.

  7. The Trump Administration (our LEGITIMATE government) is ensuring that all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed before lowering the boom 💥 on the Deep State (our would-be ILLEGITIMATE government). I once predicted that heads would roll down Pennsylvania Avenue (figuratively speaking, of course) when the SHTF, and the time is getting closer every day! Hopefully, this would include the “upper echelon” (Obama and Hillary, to name just two). Justice shall be served!

  8. To make everything stop Obama and Clinton have to be prosecuted. They’re the culprits and are still holding the power. Get them and you’ll have the domino effect. All the minions will follow. But as long as they’re allowed to remain free and untouched there will never be justice and the corruption will continue. Barr has done absolutely nothing!

    • I agree. I retired from the LAPD as a Detective Supervisor of Narcotics. When I worked the LAPD it was considered the finest law enforcement agency in the world. We gave agencies like the FBI field training. Before tents on the sidewalks & laws ignored. Now I don’t have confidence in our agencies or law makers. Right now our system is pretty rotten.

  9. I will believe it when I see it, Graham has spewed indictments, and it has been nothing but talk. Look what Horowitz released and what has happened, nothing, at some point in time someone has to do something other then talk.

    Do I sound frustrated, YES, I am frustrated, the two honey mooners receiving indictment would cause all sort of waves, or even the Ohr’s.

    • I think Trump thought this would have been over long before now. The more the Dems Dems keep pushing, the more Trump is going to demand to stop their attacks. I think at first, he might have let Hillary slide, but she’s behind the Mueller investigation. This charade will continue, until he slams the Democrats hard enough to stop. He has threatened releasing classified documents, that point out the corruption within the Democrat party and they keep attacking Trump. So expect Trump to release the documents about late August or up until October. That may be his October surprise for the Dems. They won’t be able to recover from the damage the information it will do, in time for the election. I’m sure the Dems will try the same strategy, but Trump’s documents will be backed with facts, where the Democrats only accuse with no facts.


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