What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Soleimani’s Funeral

(Tea Party PAC) – The way the media coverage has been going the last week, you’d think that the modern-day equivalent of Mahatma Gandhi had been killed in a US airstrike at the Baghdad International Airport.

It was, by the way, not a pacifist freedom fighter, but a ruthless, cold-blooded killer who tortured and killed thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, in his capacity as top general and terrorist mastermind of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This Qassem Soleimani has been mourned across Iran, and the media here in the West is fawning over the sheer numbers of people who showed up to attend the “popular” and “loved Soleimani.

Just to be clear: when someone is “popular” and “loved” for carrying out state-sponsored jihad in the name of death to the infidels, that is not exactly a reflection that the world has lost someone valuable.

The only people who lost a person of value to them are the monsters in control of the Iranian government who are going to have to find a new bloodthirsty psychopath to lead their war on all things Western and Judeo-Christian.

The adoring media coverage was sharply contrasted by those like Mike Maleki, who wrote about his experience being forced to attend state-sponsored events like this one, giving us some insight into how seriously we should take the sheer numbers of attendants at Soleimani’s funeral.

The regime was serving dinners to funeral attendants:


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