What These Deplorable Socialists Did To WWI Memorial On Memorial Day Is Beyond Despicable

(Tea Party PAC) – We all know that socialists, especially in our modern era, are some of the most deplorable, wicked, and just plain evil individuals on the face of the planet, but what a group of hooligans did to a World War I memorial on Memorial Day is taking things to a new level of vileness.

The incident, which happened in Pittsburgh, involved the desecration of the memorial by vandals dumping tons of red paint on in it, along with putting symbols over it as well. Folks, this is just plain unacceptable. Those who have served in the armed forces have gone to bat for us by serving and sacrificing their lives and health in order to preserve our way of life, which these morons totally take for granted.

Here’s more on this from KDKA CBS Pittsburgh:

The memorial, located along Butler Street, was found vandalized early Monday morning.

Crews were using pressure washers to hose off the paint with water but may have to use something else to remove it completely. Teamwork.

Thank you to @PGHDPW’s Graffiti Team & @PLANPGH’s Public Art Division for cleaning the Doughboy War Memorial in Lawrenceville after it was defaced last night.

Thanks to @KlavonsIceCream & the community members who brought water to the crews on this hot #MemorialDay!

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto responded to the vandalism on Twitter, saying:

“This is not Pittsburgh. Whoever did this. Please leave. Today.”

Better yet, don’t leave. Man up, take personal responsibility for your actions, and then turn yourself into the police. That would be the grown-up thing to do. Doing this kind of thing to people who served and died to provide you with liberty and a society where you can be whatever you want to be and live your life how you choose is the epitome of being an ingrate.

This is petty, stupid, and doesn’t make a point or draw anyone to your worthless causes. Grow up. There’s a right way to make a statement, to protest some injustice you perceive to see in the world around you. Vandalizing a war memorial is not it.

Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich released this statement:

“Vandalizing a memorial on any day is wrong, but it is incomprehensible to vandalize this memorial on a day in which we honor those who served and gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. Pittsburgh Police will vigorously investigate this crime. Anyone with information is asked to contact police immediately at 412-323-7800.”

People who KDKA talked to say they’re hurt and disgusted by the act of vandalism on a day when we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

“It’s just so sad,” Duane Rieder, a Pittsburgh resident, said. “What is your message? Why would you do something like this to this incredible piece?”

Is that what you wanted, dear vandals? To hurt people? How does hurting people make them sympathetic to your cause? Don’t you want folks to see the world the way you do? Then you must persuade them. This doesn’t do that. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

The monument, known as “The Doughboy War Memorial,” honors those who served in World War I, but is also in memory to all military members who have sacrificed it all.

“Everybody knows it for where it is. The corner here where Butler comes into here with Penn,” said Rieder.

It was recently cleaned up, with flags placed around it, just in time for Memorial Day. But, this morning, is was found splashed in bright red paint and covered in symbols and an unknown message.

According to police, it happened just before 8 a.m. Monday. When KDKA’s cameras got there, the paint still appeared wet. Some of it even landed on the American flags.

In other words, you’re going to get caught. Come forward and save everyone the hassle of tracking you down. It’s over.

Here’s to hoping the police are able to nab every single person involved in this horrid situation and bring them swiftly to justice. Even more important, here’s to hoping they understand how wrong what they did was and genuinely seek the forgiveness of the community they offended.

Source: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/05/25/lawrenceville-war-memorial-vandalism/


  1. I echo the Mayor of Pittsburgh, leave but I add not just Pittsburgh leave the United States you are not welcome here !!!

  2. This was a deplorable incident that spit into the face of every WW1 soldier. My grandfather served in France and stop tetany of Germany for the first time. I take offense to these socialists. What is happening to our USA? Some people did not like be self-quarantined or wearing facemasks, but this is what socialism is like.

    • My grandfather also served in the Army in WW1 and marched through France and suffered from what they now call PTSD all his life. My dad served in the Navy in WW2, my step-father served in the Army during the Korean war as a medic and my husband served in the Army during Vietnam flying helicopters to pick up the wounded and dead! I was an army brat and went to over fifteen schools. So military life affects not just the one who has enlisted but also the family members and someone who would do this to a statue that honors our hero’s is a disgrace!


  4. I served in the Navy in the early 60’s, so have zero experience with combat. My grandson is presently on a carrier in Westpac, as I was. We did what we thought was right for our great country. I am angry at the desecration the cowards caused, and literally can’t imagine how those brave men and women that gave their lives would feel if they saw what the cowards did to the memorial.

  5. This is petty, stupid, and doesn’t make a point or draw anyone to your worthless causes. Grow up. You don’t belong in this Country, get the hell out!!

    • I agree with you Jesus 100% if they don’t like this country pack your bags and leave!!!! That goes for anyone else that don’t care for this country!!! I’ll even pack them for you!!! For those who have done this KARMA a B****

    • Absolutely…this make me so g#@damn angry people who defile our statues and monuments outta be locked up. Get the f out if America losers…we don’t need you anyway!

  6. These people are the enemy of our country. They should be treated as the enemy and prosecuted as war criminals. I served this country and for what. So people like this can be free to do as they like and disrespect the people that have given their all. Who raised these people? Sick.

  7. I just LOVE the comments made by Conservatives….”…It’s the fault of the Liberal Democrats…” So, my question to you is this…..how did you come to that VERY STUPID rationalization, because you are a (very stupid) Conservative? It was an act of vandalism…..PERIOD! Now, when (and if) they are caught, I would not be opposed to having them spend some time cleaning other acts of vandalism, preferably with a toothbrush, to prolong the process), under the watchful eye of a local TV station.

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