What This Couple Painted Over BLM Street Sign Is Going To Send Liberals Into Absolute Hysterics; Which Is Exactly Why You’ll Love It

(Tea Party PAC) – If you’ve been paying attention to the news — and how can you not with it plastered everywhere on social media and across television — you’ve probably noticed how the en vogue thing for Black Lives Matter protesters to do in order to get their message to the masses is to either destroy private property, tear down statues, or graffiti all over public places.

This, in most places around the country, is known as vandalism, and if the individuals doing this were white conservatives, they’d be called as such, along with having a racist label slapped on them, and they’d be in jail and their lives ruined. But not if you’re with BLM or some other radical left-wing group. Then it’s cool, hip activism.

Well, one couple in Martinez, California had enough of the insanity and decided to paint over some graffiti left behind by BLM protesters and boy did it really make progressives angry.

Check out the details from BizPacReview:

A couple in Martinez, California drew mixed reaction on Twitter after painting over Black Lives Matter street graffiti in front of the county courthouse.

The brouhaha erupted on Saturday, when a woman painted over “Black Lives Matter” signage while her partner/husband stood guard and videotaped the incident (presumably for evidence in case they get jumped by thugs).

While the woman paints, onlookers heckle the couple.

The man says to one heckler: “We’re sick of this [false] narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of [systemic] racism. It’s a lie.”

An unidentified woman off-camera replies, “This is racist!”

The man pointed to the “Black Lives Matter” street graffiti and said, “THIS is racist.”

A woman responds: “You can’t be that stupid, can you?”

“No, but you can be,” the man retorts.

The woman painting over the BLM street graffiti says to the mob: “Keep this sh*t in f*cking New York. This is not happening in my town!”

The city of Martinez, California is 75% white and 3% black.

As you can see, the Black Lives Matter movement is really doing a fantastic job of uniting us all together and creating a harmonious atmosphere among people of all colors, aren’t they?

Again, as has probably been stated a million times over, the left is doing nothing to combat racism or to stamp out racial tensions and improve relations between individuals from different walks of life. All they are doing is causing us all to hyper focus on our differences rather than on what makes us all the same: being made in the image of God.

We have a shared human experience to draw from, but this is ignored when all that matters is the outward appearance of a person. This couple isn’t racist. They are just sick and tired of being made out to be the bad guys by the mainstream media, simply because they are white, which is a form of racism in and of itself.

Responding to a man in a yellow shirt aggressively in his face, the husband yells: “All lives matter, you f*cken punk!”

Why don’t you guys learn about history? The Emancipation Proclamation. Abraham Lincoln.”

One heckler shouted these bigoted statements: “You’re a f*cken colonizer! You’re not from f*cken America! Your ancestors aren’t from here!”

Presumably, the heckler meant that the husband’s ancestors from hundreds of years ago came from Europe. Um, and slaves came from Africa. Does that make their descendants any less “American?”

Remember that the Left insists that illegal aliens who unlawfully sneak into the United States are real “Americans.”

This mob of radical left-wingers took down the couple’s license plate and then reported them to local police who are now investigating the incident. BLM protesters then repainted the graffiti. Notice how it’s perfectly acceptable to vandalize property if you’re on the left, but not if you are on the right. Conservatives do it and get investigated. Leftists do it and get a free pass.

The incident drew mixed reaction on social media. Predictably, supporters of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement slammed the couple as racist “vandals” for painting over street graffiti.

These same people have repeatedly refused to condemn the mass vandalism of left-wing thugs tearing down statues in Democrat-run cities around the country.

The hypocrisy is so strongly on display here it’s flabbergasting that those in the BLM don’t understand why people are getting so tired of them and their nonsense. Look, no one is saying racism as a whole doesn’t exist. Of course it does. Plenty of individual people are racist. In fact, a lot of folks in BLM are racist against whites. Lots of blacks are racist against Mexicans. Mexicans are racist toward them too.

Hate is sickening and disgusting no matter what shape it takes. It needs to be put to death. Immediately and that has to be done at the heart level.

However, systemic racism is a lie perpetrated by the radical left. There’s no systemic racism. The Civil Rights movement ended that long ago. We’ve only continued to improve on that front ever since. Most people have moved beyond racism in our society. Let’s not cause it to spring up again with all of this hate and violence.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/07/06/couple-paints-over-blm-street-sign-keep-this-in-fing-new-york-this-is-not-happening-in-my-town-943472


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  4. Next time, paint over it in the middle of the night, like 2 AM. Then coat it with Clear Anti-Graffiti coat paint so nothing else will stick to your paint.

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  6. It is against the Law to print anything on streets other than things that drivers will need. ie: Stop, ? mph, Slow, no left or right turns, no U turn, and more. Oh yes and very important school zone drive slow.

  7. BLMer’s actions fall under the safety in numbers philosophy. They are violent and openly commit heinous crimes. The deaths of innocent children or even their followers are causal hazzards. Police are held at bay by civic leaders.

    What do you bet this couple gets arrested and charged with ridiculous counts!

    • Pat – no bet – the Contra Costa County DA has charged the couple with a ‘hate crime’ but apparently the initial vandalism is being treated as ‘free speech’.

  8. This couple, who were actually peacefully protesting against BLM and their hoaxes on the American people by painting over the BLM letters that were painted on a street in their city, very similar to throwing balloons filled with paint on statues, got arrested, and charged and indicted for a “hate crime”.

    This while BLM has been allowed every day over the last month to create violent riots, destroy public & private property, physically harm & kill peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders, loot and destroy businesses, and then cover-up the evidence of their crimes by using arson to burn-down huge swathes of the city, and law enforcement and our judicial systems do nothing to BLM.

    But law enforcement and the local DOJ arrest these people, who were actually peacefully protesting, where nobody got hurt and no public or private property was damaged or destroyed, and no arson was done as no part of the city was burned or damaged. “EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL”??? I think they lied to us for at least the last 100 years.

    Who is BLM? They’re an organization formed by and run by Marxists, whose main goal is to change the USA from a capitalistic/free enterprise society, into a socialist or communist nation, similar to Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela. BLM’s rallying call is “black lives matter”, but do they really matter to these black Marxists called BLM, or is that just a rallying call to incite violent riots, destroy public & private property, physically harm and kill people who disagree with them, loot & destroy businesses, and then use arson to cover-up evidence of their crimes?

    Do black lives really matter, and to whom do they matter? The FBI’s yearly National Crime Statistics reports for three decades and longer have shown that of all black people killed every year, 90% are killed by other black people, while the other 10% of black people killed every year are killed by a combination of five groups of people consisting of Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, native Americans, and white people. So to whom do black lives really matter? The group that kills nine out of ten black people every year, black people themselves? Or the combination of five other groups of Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, native Americans, and white people, who kill one of ten black people killed every year?

    What happens when a black person gets killed in the USA? NOTHING! Unless the black person is killed by a white person, then all Hell breaks loose, and BLM uses that excuse to incite violent riots used to change our form government.

    In any other place in the world. if the huge majority one race’s deaths were caused by one single group, it would be called genocide, perpetrated by that single group on that race, but those deaths don’t count, only the deaths caused by white people is considered horrendous, no matter how few deaths compared to the genocide which has been going on for over three decades in the USA on the same race by the same group.

  9. The Sociocom Democrats are acting like NAZIS from the time of Adolf and Stalin.They are using the Media and criminals as propaganda and terror.It is all evil and Satanic.

  10. While they say putting BLM in yellow paint on the streets of our cities is peaceful and powerful it is also very divisive and in truth to those who have knowledge of the real cause behind BLM is anti American, a Marxist movement out to incite riots, hatred, violence, a supporter of the Democrat socialist progressive movement. BLM has nothing to do with the lie of systemic racism, social injustice, these are things created by liberal news, Democrats to advance their agenda and the destruction of America.
    If it’s peaceful and powerful for them to paint it on the streets then is it not just as peaceful and powerful to paint over it. It’s in our Constitution to have different opinions and to express them peacefully, painting over a sanctioned vandalism is peaceful, it’s not a hate crime, it’s freedom of speech. The protesters in support of BLM have vandalized and destroyed our property all across our country and I don’t see any of them being arrested for hate crimes, is okay when your stupid and don’t know what your doing to go far beyond painting over yellow BLM divisive street painting, which should never be allowed!

  11. “There’s no systemic racism. The Civil Rights movement ended that long ago. We’ve only continued to improve on that front ever since. Most people have moved beyond racism in our society.”

    Unfortunately the gradual ending or disappearance of racism in American society which had been growing from the 1960s into the 2000s ended when Barack Obama became president – not that he is black, but rather that he has worked to recreate and spread all of the various forms of racism and ethnic hate that now tend to divide us. As a Marxist he and the like ilk who surround him have worked very hard to grow hate. We must all stop him and them!

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