What This Oklahoma Police Officer Found Written On His Starbucks Cup Will Infuriate You

(Tea Party PAC) – There is no greater example of pique first-world privilege than people who wouldn’t hesitate to call 911 if they were under attack and yet have allowed themselves to become convinced by a toxic progressive media complex that the same police officers they rely so blindly on to keep them safe are also somehow Nazis.

This week, Kiefer, Oklahoma Police Chief Johnny O’Mara said that when one of his officers went to pick up a Starbucks coffee order to bring to 9-1-1 dispatchers who were working on the Thanksgiving holiday, five of the cups were labeled “Pig.”

Let that sink in.

“This is what he gets for being nice,” O’Mara wrote in Facebook post on Thanksgiving Day. “What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town,” the chief said, continuing:

This cup of coffee for a ‘pig’ is just another little flag. It’s another tiny symptom and a nearly indiscernible shout from a contemptuous, roaring and riotous segment of a misanthropic society that vilifies those who stand for what’s right and glorifies the very people who would usher in the destruction of the social fabric. It’s another tiny pinprick into the heart of men and women who are asking themselves more often: ‘Why am I doing this?’

“Just dealing with – when we’re dealing every day with anybody – a little courtesy goes a long way,” he concluded.

Well-said, Chief O’Mara!

The unidentified employee who had the audacity to insult this officer of the peace so rudely claimed it was only a “joke” between themselves and a co-worker.

Did they think the officer would find it funny?

Starbucks has confirmed through a corporate spokesperson that the employee has been suspended, and the company has launched an investigation.

Really? The person who wrote “Pig” into the computer to be printed onto a police officer’s coffee order needs to be fired. What is there to investigate, exactly?

The company said:

This is absolutely unacceptable, and we are deeply sorry to the law enforcement officer who experienced this. We have also apologized directly to him and are working to connect with the police chief as well to express our remorse.

The barista has been suspended pending the outcome of our investigation into this matter. This language is offensive to all law enforcement and is not representative of the deep appreciation we have for police officers who work to keep our communities safe.

Yeah, but are they going to shut down the stores for a day to train employees how to be “sensitive” to police officers, like they did when two black men got arrested in Philadelphia for not leaving one of their stores? SMH.

O’Mara, replying to his original post, wrote:

Starbucks, You’re a corporation trying to sell a product. I’m certain you don’t condone this kind of juvenile activity. The employee made an unfortunate decision which, in turn, negatively effects your company’s image. I appreciate you reaching out to my officer and I also appreciate the employee reaching out and apologizing on her own. Our society needs a touch of old fashioned civility restored. Maybe we could use this bad event and convert it into something better.

Still, O’Mara does not seem to be resentful towards the company, he explained when asked what he would like from the company: “It’s not Starbucks. It’s on the individual level. There needs to be a little bit more decency in the world. There needs to be a little bit more common sense from people.”


  1. Who knows what else she did to the coffee order. Nothing less than being fired on the spot and a duplicated order delivered to the police station !

  2. What would Starbucks done to their employee if it were done to an overweight female customer …fired on the spot I believe. I hope the officer left the “pig order” right where it was and walked out.

  3. Unfortunately Star Bucks corporate management really kind of condones this type of behavior from their employee’s. There are other examples that Star Bucks corporate management has a socialist attitude! There is nothing to investigate here. The employee has admitted to doing this, and should be fired immediately. This employee needs to understand that stupid actions have consequences! Joke or not! Star Bucks corporate management by not firing this employee is showing that they really support what has been done here. Until corporate management changes their socialist attitudes, this kind of thing will continue in the Star Bucks organization. Star Bucks will never receive one dime of my money. The millenial’s that are a largest part of Star Bucks customer base need to stop buying their coffee! Only then will Star Bucks corporate management attitudes change!!!!

  4. So typical of the young socialists who feel entitled & have become so self-centered that they are routed on a very long down hill slide into a very dark future. We need to locate, support, & encourage all people of character. Remember, the ignorant give us cause to valve all others of high character. ( Sometimes it takes a bit of extra effort to find them because they do good things very quietly ). C S

  5. Main question is why an officer of the law would pay that much for a POS cup of coffee to begin with UNLESS Starbucks was part of his assigned route to patrol. I’m sure that he could buy a better cup of coffee at MacDonalds and they would be grateful to have his business and his presence.

    • Right on Thomas , I have never been or entered a Starbucks ,now I see how the juveniles act that work there ,very disrespectful not only too the police and fire departments, but too any customer that goes there .. Hopefully this individual may have learned a lesson ..

  6. Starbucks needs to give LARGE DONATION to the Police department. The employee should be fired. You did this big meeting with all employees nationwide when black men came into Starbucks to use bathroom saying they were waiting for someone when they should have ordered coffee while waiting. I am 66 year old white woman and I have enough sense to know u have to order before using restroom. So make a big deal with being disrespectful to POLICE. I’m finished with Starbucks.

  7. What seems to have been missed in this article but I heard Chief O’Mara clearly state in an interview was that he would rather that this employee of Starbucks not loose his/her job over this incident but use the experience to move forward. Not surprising to me. Our BLUE/GREEN FAMILYIS NOT VINDICTIVE!!! I hope the whole community can use this experience to move forward. Smaller city departments have a much easier time communicating with the folks because they really are neighbors. I say good luck to all involved. Thanks to my younger brother for thinking of the dispatchers and not just feeling down that HE had to be away from his family on Thanksgiving.

  8. I guess from the comments that it leaked out about who (at least gender presentation) was working. As some Starbucks are franchised, it is entirely possible the message to be tolerable was not presented in enough precise language given the PC limited wording to be used. In any case, Starbucks will require a formal disciplinary action, but because of labor laws, it has to follow a certain procedure mandate. Hopefully, by the disciplinary actions that will definitely affect the future employment status, will discourage this type of behavior in others across the entire company of Starbucks. But remember there’s always some idiot who thinks rules are for others not them. I am quite sure that Starbucks will have already sent down another written policy that requires all employees to read and sign.

  9. There are just too many of these “rogue” employees who insult the Police. Earlier this year in Phoenix, police officers were refused service by a Starbuck employee because they were wearing their weapons. There is far more to this story. It’s time that all first-responders avoid getting coffee at Starbucks. There are many, many other places to purchase a good cup of coffee. This is not about Boycotting, it is about using common sense.

  10. My Lord, the hate and disrespect for our Police Officers has gotten out of hand☹️. What in the world would we do if we didn’t have police officers protecting us??? It’s disgraceful, and disgusting to treat our officers like that!!! Employees who do such a dispicable thing should fired!!!

  11. He should be fired. Hurting words go a long way. This country has come down so low it is terrible. People, we need God in our lives and our children’s lives. He has always been here. All we need to do is reach out and pray for our country. Our Country has no morals. Shame on us. God be with us.

  12. To bad they can not enter her name to a list in which 911 operators can refuse to respond to any of their calls. Call a cop a PIG, then try to get 911 to send a cop to protect you! Your on your own Gal!

  13. I stopped buying any Starbucks products long ago due to their Leftists support! Let them drown in their own coffee grounds!!

  14. any employee who disrespects any customer like this should be fired immediately to put a stop to people thinking this is acceptable behavior. The fact that this was done to a police officer just shows how disgusting alot of people have become . Are people not taught any respect by parents who raised them anymore ?

  15. Check her out, see if she is part of an islamic group, or some cop hating group, but definitely can her ass and make it a company policy that the company will not condone any further abuse of customers. Star bucks hired some refugees who shit in the coffee, they were Muslim extremists , I nolonger patronize them, If I have to eat shit it will be of my own choseing.

  16. The person responsible should absolutely be given the opportunity to seek employment some where else. Even though Starbucks was not responsible some free drinks would be a nice way to say they are sorry this happened at one of their stores.

    • I think the ones guilty, should be arrested tried and face a black sheet on their employment records and not be allowed in any food handeling business.

  17. So this is how to rile the masses?
    Even the police chief says it is not Starbucks fault at all. But rather only the act of a childish employee.
    But it sure makes good inflammatory press doesn’t it?
    Fake “news” at its best.

    • Starbucks is leftie and everyone knows it. I stopped going there when they started writing pc stuff on my coffee cup. So done with them! There is better coffee at the non-corporate coffee cafes anyway. Almost everyone in my extended family finds these other places a nicer environment in every way possible.

  18. Agree -it is in keeping with the the growing blatant disregard for authority and successfull people. Our political climant and government for past 60 years and especially in past 20 has lead to a deterioration in the moral fabric of our people and destruction of the family.


  20. I’d boycott Starbucks but I’ve never even been to one as I don’t drink coffee.
    I do think it’s bullshit though that they close the stores down to have sensitivity training when the black were kicked out for loitering but only an apology for the cops! That is disgusting!!!!! Why weren’t they fired on the spot?
    What is there to investigate? They either did it or they didn’t? So tired of the reverse discrimination!!!!!!!

  21. The sad truth is that the same people that will label the police as “nazis” are the same ones that won’t hesitate to call 911.

  22. Our police officers are under a heavy load trying to save and serve the community but are also not allowed to do their job without offending someone. Give them some respect so they can serve the community.
    My prayers go out to the officers 🙏🏻

  23. Fire this person. They are the type to spit into a police officer’s cup. This is how to display their contempt. Yes, childish, but unacceptable, they knew what they were doing. Not the type of person to be trusted serving the public, not just police officers. I have also decided, not the kind I’d allow to clean my latrine. Good bye forever starbucks, forever.

  24. Just one of a multitude of reasons I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money on the crap that Starbucks calls coffee!!! Employees engaging in this sort of behavior wouldn’t last two minutes working for me!!!! Fire all of their asses for being such willing participants…

  25. I’m glad i don’t like coffee Starbucks won’t ever get a penny from me. If i were manager the employee would have been fired on the spot. Thank you for your service Chief O’Mara and all first responders

    • I agree. Manners and decency are tought at home. It’s a shame these individuals need a serious attitude adjustment. They need to understan they are not better than anyone else just becouse they serve coffee. We had coffee dumped on us by a Starbucks server while waiting to be servered. Kindness would go along way to getting Starbucks more business. We are common people but we spent alot for a whole family. Starbucks has lost us (big family) becouse of her rudeness. We will never return to Starbucks. But first responders should be respected. They are protecting us and many times give up time with their families to do it.


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