What This Texas Sheriff Just Confirmed About Biden Releasing Thousands Of Illegals Into The Country Is Terrifying

(Tea Party PAC) – According to brand new reports from Infowars, a sheriff has confirmed our worst fears, stating that the new “catch and release” policy put forward by the Biden administration has Border Patrol agents now allowing thousands of illegal aliens to cross the border without having a COVID-19 test.

The issue of illegal immigration is resurfacing in a big way with Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office, which is why it was a huge topic of discussion on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program on Tuesday evening. Carlson took an in-depth look at the lawlessness that is currently unfolding on the border that is “punishing” and endangering the lives of American citizens.

“Tonight we learned that the Joe Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus,” Carlson said, before going to a video of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who seemed totally unaware of the issue.

“What could be done to provide COVID testing to migrants at the border?” a reporter asked the press secretary. “Because right now, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is saying they’re having to catch and release some migrants without giving them any kind of COVID test before they’re entering the community. So what is being done? What could be done?”

“Are you suggesting they’re letting people in across the border without testing them? Or, tell me a little bit more about—” Psaki replied.

“They’re being released,” the reporter goes on to say. “They’re having to [release them] because of the executive order that the president signed earlier this week.”

“Which executive [order]? Which one?” Psaki fires back.

Carlson then took a moment to point out that National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd recently stated, “So we’re releasing people without knowing [if they’re infected], which obviously puts the public at risk.”

“When we release people that break our laws without bothering to test them for the virus – the same virus we’ve used as a pretext for wrecking your life – what we’re saying in the clearest possible terms [is]: ‘We don’t like you,'” he added.

“This isn’t a policy. It’s an act of aggression. It’s designed to humiliate you and demoralize you. Reckless, nondestructive immigration policy is the penalty or paying for your white supremacy,” he said.

Texas-based Sheriff A.J. Louderback of Jackson County has confirmed the stories that have been coming out about the situation on the border, saying they are “absolutely true,” and going on to add that the Biden administration has essentially defunded the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency through executive orders.

“[A] memo that I received this week, it’s essentially a ‘defunding ICE by memo’… a memorandum that was sent out by [then-acting Homeland Security Secretary] David Pekoske on Jan. 20 or 21. So this is a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States,” Sheriff Louderback said to the Fox News host.

“The message really has been sent, when I read it first and looked at it, it’s a message to the world: You can come here illegally. You could commit crimes here against Americans and remain here illegally,” he continued.

The sheriff then went on to blame the mess currently unfolding at the border on Biden’s eagerness to wipe away Trump’s policies, comparing what’s happening right now to what happened during the years that Obama was in office.

“[W]e walked this path and from 2008 to 2016,” he said. “This program that was released by memorandum is very similar to the Priority Enforcement Program in 2014 and 2015, where people were able to commit crimes against Americans. The COVID issue conveniently overlooked during this time. So you know, I struggle for a thought process, like many Americans and Texans, on how the administration can conduct themselves in this manner, and promote a lawless attitude here where people are going to get hurt, seriously injured, killed, and people vowed to stay here, which is unbelievable. Yet here we sit with this situation.”

Louderback then concluded the segment by giving a warning to law enforcement about Biden not being supportive of them and the work they are trying to do to keep communities safe.

“Every peace officer in the United States should be extremely concerned about the attitude, the lawlessness, the complete, abject removal of law,” Louderback stated. “We have a nullification of the law going on here. We’re not going to enforce anything.”

The only thing the Biden administration cares about right now is being able to appease the progressive base and to enable thousands upon thousands of illegals to enter the country that they can magically transform into Democratic Party voters.

All of this takes priority over the health and safety of the American people. That in and of itself is going to be a blight on this administration.

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