What Tucker Is Urging Trump To Do In Roger Stone Case Will Make Liberal Heads Explode

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t the kind of fellow who really holds back his honest thoughts and opinions on things and he lived up to his reputation during his program on the right-leaning news network by making a suggestion as to the course of action President Trump should take in the ongoing Roger Stone case.

Let’s just say if Trump were to take Carlson’s advice, every single liberal in America would explode in a fit of rage and throw a collective temper tantrum of epic proportions.

According to Carlson, Trump should ignore all of the hysterics from the radical left in our country and just pardon Stone.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

During a five minute segment late Wednesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host first laid out the facts of the dubious case against Stone and then stated why the president needs to take immediate action by issuing a pardon.

“The president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail,” he said. “Democrats will howl if he does that. Well, they’re howling anyway. They howl every day. Chuck Schumer is now yelping about another investigation into Roger Stone: Russiagate 2.”

“In one entirely constitutional act, the president could save Roger Stone’s life, vindicate himself and end this nonsense forever. Let’s hope he does it. We’ll be watching.”

The segment started off with Carlson explaining some of the details behind what led to Stone being convicted in the first place.

“Back in November, former Trump adviser Roger Stone was convicted of several charges related to the now-officially discredited Russia investigation,” Carlson said.

“Prosecutors claim that Stone lied about communicating with a former stand-up comedian called Randy Credico, a man whose role in the story was so minor that it’s already been lost to history. For this offense, prosecutors say, Stone, who is 67 years old and has no criminal record, must spend up to nine years in prison.

“Now for perspective on that sentence, the typical rapist in this country spends four years in prison, armed robbers three years, thugs who commit violent assault less than a year and a half. But Roger Stone must do nine years until he is 76 years old. For lying,” Carlson went on.

Carlson then juxtaposed the left’s extremely angry wishes to stick Stone in prison with the fact that the radical left seems to be totally lenient on criminals who are guilty of sexual crimes, along with drug dealers and other predators, which of course is not at all a level, balanced approach to justice.

“It’s compassionate, they’re telling us,” Carlson noted. “Yet somehow, nobody in D.C. is telling us that compassion ought to extend to Roger Stone, who’s guilty of non-violent political offenses. Notice the opposite. The usual moralizers seem gleeful at the thought Stone will die in a cell.”

He’s right on the money about the hypocrisy in the Democratic Party when it comes to the equal application of justice across the board. Look how long it took to nail Jeffrey Epstein for being a pedophile sex trafficker, despite the fact many on the left knew what the man was doing and saw the evidence of his crimes for themselves.

What it comes down to is that justice, for liberals, is only important when it serves to further push the causes they believe in and support. When there is nothing to be gained politically from the pursuit of truth and justice, it falls to the wayside.

After taking shots at the media for their bizarre, almost “gleeful” coverage of Stone’s case, Carlson then summed up why he believes what’s happening to Stone is “totally wrong.”

“Roger Stone is facing prison because he is a high-profile Donald Trump supporter,” he maintained. “It’s that simple. You want proof? Here it is. John Brennan and James Clapper will sleep at home tonight. Both have been caught lying under oath on camera about matters of national importance. And yet neither is in jail.”

Carlson makes a valid point here, one that conservatives across the country really need to stop and think about for a moment. The witch hunt that President Trump has experienced is only about him, you’re sorely mistaken. The radical left is going to be going after anyone who supports limited government and principles of justice that line up with a conservative worldview. They won’t stop with Roger Stone.

They are wanting to send conservatives a message. Stop pushing for freedom and liberty or else pay a steep price. Get on board with our agenda or die. That’s what they really mean.

“Neither has been indicted,” Carlson continued. “Neither of them will be. The Stone case, by contrast, was transparently political from day one. The lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, is now literally an MSNBC contributor. The judge in this case, Amy Berman Jackson, is an out-of-control democratic partisan, who purely out of spite, stripped Roger Stone of his First Amendment rights and prevented him from making a living — coming on this show, for example, speaking at all in public.”

“The whole thing is shocking and it’s disgusting. It’s a farce that discredits the entire American justice system. The president seems to understand that,” he added, referring to the tweets below:

Of course Trump can see what’s happening to Stone is a complete farce. He’s experienced this same level of hatred and vitriol ever since he took office and has been a victim of repeated attempts by progressives to have him booted from the White House. Trump is a smart man, though the left tries very hard to make us all believe otherwise.

“What’s happening to Roger Stone is totally wrong,” Carlson concluded. “It’s immoral and we should not allow it in this country. But politically, it has significance too. Stone’s prosecution was designed in part to confirm the fantasies that Democrats have constructed to explain the outcome of the 2016 election. His conviction helps their case.”

“In other words, if the Russia collusion story was a hoax, and of course it most certainly was a hoax, then why is Roger Stone going to prison for his role in it? If Roger Stone serves even a single day behind bars, the Russia lie will be validated as true. Stone’s imprisonment will be prima facie evidence in the view of Democrats.”

The question now becomes what will Trump do to help Stone, if anything. Will he do as Carlson has suggested and completely ignore liberals and their insanity, choosing to end the case against Stone by issuing him a pardon, or will he just allow the matter to unfold as it is?

Either way, the president is an unenviable position, as he always seems to be, and no matter what choice he makes, someone is going to be angry with him. Guess we’ll know his course of action soon enough.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/02/13/trump-urges-trump-to-ignore-dem-howls-of-protest-must-pardon-roger-stone-and-end-disgusting-farce-886476


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