What Was Really In Ashli Babbitt’s Mysterious Backpack When She Was Shot And Killed By Capitol Police

(Tea Party PAC) – While the mainstream media would have you believe that a violent, murderous mob armed with AR-15’s, nooses, and burning crosses breached the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, the truth is that only one person was shot and killed—a protester.

No firearms were confiscated at the scene nor known to be used in the attack.

Yet Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran who, like millions of Americans, believed the 2020 election was stolen, was gunned down and killed by a member of the Capitol Hill Police who believed her to be a threat.

The officer, who is now supposedly in hiding, said that the fact that Babbitt was wearing a backpack factored into his decision to fire as he’d heard reports of pipe bombs.

This has been accepted as the defensible reason he fired on Babbitt and the officer has, amazingly, not been charged in her death.

In what universe is someone wearing a backpack reason enough for LEOs to fire on them?

We’ve had entire cities shut down and descend into full-scale riots over much less.

In a public statement, attorney for the officer who shot Babbitt, Mark Schamel, pointed to the protester’s backpack.

However, in the same statement, the officer contradicted himself, saying he could not see the three uniformed officers but only a hall full of people.

He also was unable to tell how far the hallway extended. If he had seen Babbitt wearing a backpack, he would have seen the three uniformed officers nearby and known he need not fire.

So which is it?

This makes no sense.

So, what did the 14-year, patriotic veteran Babbitt have in her backpack when she was shot and killed, to bleed out and die while draped in a Trump flag on the floor of the citadel of Democracy?

The Gateway Pundit has the explosive truth.

It was a wool sweater and scarf, no doubt to brave the frigid Washington, D.C. air.

“Ashli Babbitt was killed for carrying a wool sweater and a scarf,” TGP clarifies.

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  1. She should go down in history as the first Patriot who gave all while trying to protect and defend our Constitution and great Republic. As a Veteran she swore to do this against foreign and domestic threats. She carried out her oath and should now be known as a Hero!

  2. It makes PLENTY of SENSE! . . . he just DECIDED to EXECUTE a TARGET of OPPOTUNITY. May this person be CHARGED (and CONVICTED) of MURDER). One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. Everything about this fiasco from beginning to end stinks of false flag intended for the establishment outrage Antifa media benefit. .

    • Study history, the Nazi’s had their Reichstag fire and Pelosi has her capitol faux insurrection. Pelosi has her Antifa Brown Shirts to agitate the public. History might not repeat but it sure as hell rhymes.

  4. They’re not winning, God is our Factor, but the timeframe is His. Hang in and wait on our Father, He will always prevail, and if ever there was a time, this is His.

  5. Back in the day there were FOUR elements needed to ‘justify’ LE shooting. 1) Ability – something with which to actually do harm (not present). 2) opportunity – can the person have the chance to commit a threatening act (not present). 3) jeopardy – immediate threat (being ‘scared’ does NOT count), 4) manifest intent – FACTS encompassing the first three elements.
    The killer was in a covered position and could easily have retreated further. IOW this a BAD SHOOT.


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