What’s Up With Biden Press Sec’s Dress? Don Jr. Goes Viral After Noticing…

(Tea Party PAC) – Things are not off to a smooth start for the new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

On day 1 she got off to a rocky start when Fox News’ correspondent Peter Doocy asked her a reasonable question regarding a tweet by Joe Biden about lowering inflation by taxing wealthy corporations more. Of course, this is nonsense and Jean-Pierre wasn’t able to explain how this would work.

Doocy’s question wasn’t even a tough one. Her only job was to explain Biden’s tweet, you know, the man she works for. She couldn’t do it and it proved just how inept the Biden regime is.

She’s faced criticism for reading directly from her notes in her attempt to answer Doocy. Even reading from her notes resulted in a completely unrelated non-answer. She never even came close to addressing the issue of inflation.

Her interaction with Doocy was telling and many have criticized her job performance already but now she’s being called out for her choice in attire.

White House press assistant Megha Bhattacharya posted a picture on Twitter Monday congratulating Jean-Pierre for her promotion. The picture was of the two women with Jean-Pierre wearing a medium-length dress in a light pink color.

The dress actually looks really nice on her. It’s flattering, professional and stylish. However, if leftists knew the origin of the dress, they just might be throwing tantrums on social media.

One savvy Twitter user noted that the dress looked almost identical to one designed by Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump.

“Love the Press Secretary’s dress,” Michele Perez Exner wrote in response to Bhattacharya. “I too own this Ivanka Trump dress and I’m even wearing it in my profile pic.”

Her tweet included a photo of an incredibly similar dress listed for sale online with “Ivanka Trump” clearly named as the designer.

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., caught wind of the image and shared it on Twitter Wednesday morning, tagging his sister. The post received thousands of “likes.”

Of course, there’s no way to verify that Jean-Pierre’s dress was the Ivanka Trump design without seeing the label, and it’s highly unlikely she’s going to share that, but it certainly does look identical to the Trump-designed dress.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Ivanka Trump shut down her clothing in July 2018. If Jean-Pierre’s dress was not an Ivanka original then it’s possible another designer knocked off Ivanka’s design.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty ironic that a member of the Biden regime would be caught wearing something associated with the Trump family. Is that even allowed?

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