When Democrats Find Out How Many Of Their Own Attended Trump’s Florida Rally Their Heads Will Explode

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is a genius when it comes to whipping up support and firing up his base, which he does effectively by holding really awesome rallies where he connects with the people who plan to vote for him and dishes on the hottest topics affecting our country.

Many Democrats have accused Trump rallies of being full of racists and radicals, but as it turns out, there’s quite a few folks from the Democratic Party who showed up to a rally that Trump held in Florida.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

President Donald Trump held a “Homecoming Rally” in Sunrise, Florida on Tuesday night.

It was another HIGH ENERGY rally.

“That was one of the loudest strongest rallies I have ever been to…This is a homecoming rally for the books…They have every reason to be excited. A booming economy, more jobs, more opportunity, less crime.” – @ErinMPerrine

Following the rally last night Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale posted this on the attendees.

This ought to keep the radical socialists running the Democrat Party up late at night!

24% of the crowd was Democrat and 27% of the crowd was Hispanic.

Data from Broward Florida rally:

  • 31,177 voters identified
  • 19% voted once or less in last 4 elections (8% in zero)
  • 24% Democrat
  • 27% Hispanic

Incredible data from a county that is predominantly blue. Put Florida in the win column for 2020!

Here’s more about Trump’s rally from Politico:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday spent much of his “homecoming rally” here building his case against impeachment before thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

He cast Democrats’ inquiry as a desperate effort to win back the White House in 2020. He went so far as to call the impeachment proceedings “bullshit,” prompting a new audience chant containing the expletive. And he put those proceedings in the same category as the Mueller investigation, labeling all of it a “scam” and a “hoax.”

“They’re attacking me because I’m exposing a rigged system that enriched itself at your expense and I’m restoring government of, by and for the people,” he told the crowd at the BB&T Center.

“The radical Democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know that they cannot win the next election,” Trump added. “It’s very simple.”

Tuesday’s night rally — lasting more than 90 minutes and held in a key battleground state that the president, a lifelong New Yorker, recently declared as his official residence — was the latest evidence that Trump intends to run his 2020 reelection campaign on his brand of political grievances. Instead of talking up immigration or trade practices or presenting a forward-looking vision for his second-term, he doubled down on impeachment fare — mocking the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), as well as former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

“First it was the Russia hoax, total hoax,” Trump told the crowd. “It was a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country. And then you look at the Mueller deal. You remember that mess. They had nothing. Two years — they spent $45 million and the real cost is many times that number. And now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment.”

The fact there are so many Democrats attending the rallies is evidence that the Democratic Party is going so far to the left, doing so many strange and radical things that they are alienating folks who are more classical in their views than the vast majority.

Trump is providing a home for those who don’t feel they have a place to fit in, and the more the Democrats push the ridiculous impeachment inquiry, which in reality is going to be nothing more than a waste of time and money, is only leading the party closer to imploding.

But they’ll never, will they?





  1. It boggles my mind that there are any who would vote Democrat after watching, since Trump was elected, the way they tried with Mueller, the fake papers going to the Fisia court, all the lies and other dirty politics like the Kavenal fiasco, trying to over turn the election, allowing the illegals to run rampant into this country, and now what Barr will show! And this ridiculous impeachment! They are trying to turn us into a third world country-and Soros would love that to happen! And God forbid we should have some honest news stations.
    Plus the democrates have been taking their salaries and doing nothing for this country, Except try and take TRump out. All this points to one thing TERM LIMITS!

    • Amen. Term limits is the only solution.
      Two terms——0ne when elected and second in prison for defrauding the tax payers.

  2. Great to see that some Democrats are still Americans.The Crime Syndicate itself has moved to the SWAMP and slither around trying to catch some voters

  3. So….Not all DemonRats are half-brained dim-wits!! Glad to see some are finally waking-up to their Left-Wing socialist party!! Welcome to the *Deplorable’s*!!

  4. I just hope this is a wake up call for all the Trump hating Democrats and the deep state. Time to take all of them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT AN AWSOME FEELING……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEING ‘AMERICAN’ ……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED AMERICA AND HER TROOPS………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Voters have now seen the crimes obama and the democrats have committed against all Americans including spying.
    We are experiencing history folks , Trump has command of the swamp !


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