When You See How Many Times Inmates Released In New York Have Been Rearrested, It’ll Blow Your Mind; This Is Cuomo’s NY

(Tea Party PAC) – Guys, if you have any doubt that progressive thought is absolutely a cancer that is destroying our communities from the inside out, what’s happening in New York right now should convince you. Apparently, thanks to the insane ideas of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, at least 250 criminals have been released from New York’s Rikers Island prison, and these individuals have been rearrested a whopping 450 times.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to have guessed this would be the inevitable outcome of this situation, but then again, leftists have not exactly earned a reputation for being among the great thinkers of the world. Sure, they have a lot of wonderful sounding ideas, but the problem is they are nothing more than fantasy. None of what they propose will work in the real world. This prison nightmare is proof of that.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

New York Police Department (NYPD) data reported by NBC New York’s Melissa Russo reveals that since Cuomo issued a statewide order demanding jails and prisons release inmates to abide by social distancing measures in late March, at least 250 inmates from Rikers Island have been rearrested.

Russo reports:

Of approximately 2,500 defendants sprung from Rikers early because of COVID safety planning, at least 250 have been arrested again since, according to Michael LiPetri, chief of Crime Control Strategies for the NYPD.

Chief LiPetri tells NBC New York the NYPD did not object to releasing older defendants, nor those with underlying medical conditions. But he says the consequences of the larger-scale release of prisoners are now showing up in the arrest data, with those 250 re-offenders being arrested 450 times so far during the pandemic.

The problem with a lot of progressive thought is they try to ignore the fact that there is something fundamentally broken in human nature, something that cannot be repaired by the efforts of other human beings. Those who are religious might call this sin. It takes God to change hearts, minds, and natures. No effort of man will produce those changes, no matter how hard progressives try to do it through legislation.

It’s a striving for perfection that just cannot happen. It defies logic, reason, and reality. But the left refuses to believe this truth right in front of their faces and continue to try insane measures to improve mankind without God like this stupid prisoner release stuff.

One such case detailed by Russo involves 27-year-old Jonathan Martinez who has been charged in six incidents since November 2019 including forcible touching and allegedly robbing a Sephora store.

Martinez was previously convicted for strangling his girlfriend in 2014. On March 16, Martinez was released from Rikers Island under Cuomo’s directive.

Seven days later, Martinez was arrested by the NYPD for allegedly robbing a person at knifepoint. After his arrest, Martinez was released without ever having to pay bail thanks to Cuomo’s bail reform law that eliminated cash bail for a number of nonviolent and violent crimes.

About a month later, Martinez was again arrested by the NYPD for alleged robbery. Again, Martinez was released from jail. Then, this month, Martinez was twice arrested for vandalizing stores in Manhattan that the owners said they struggled to reopen due to the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

While the mass release of convicted and accused criminals in New York continues and violent crime surges, Mayor Bill de Blasio is vowing to cut NYPD funding. The reduction in funding for the police would come as murders have jumped 160 percent over the last week and burglaries are up 402 percent.

Most of the individuals who have been released during this program are career criminals who have been hardened by being in prison and mixing with really bad people. When they come out into the world again, they are not concerned with being citizens who contribute to the society they are a part of. Instead, they go right back to their old criminal ways.

Will the left ever learn the lesson they are being taught about the truth of human nature? It seems their ideology makes that an impossible pill to swallow.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/14/gov-cuomos-new-york-250-inmates-freed-from-prison-rearrested-450-times/


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  2. What do you expect from a socialist? Unrealistic ideas that NEVER work. These ideas have destroyed several countries but, for the last thirty years, we have dumbed down education and eliminated essential education like history, cursive, spelling, patriotism, love of our country; the things our parents and grandparents learned and fought for. It is so sad. Maybe some will see through the Socialist agenda, the lies by the liberal media and Dimorat agenda. One can only hope.

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  3. Who are all these fictitious people who supposedly make hundreds of thousands of dollars on the web? Get real, thats the real crime. Web BS! As for Cumo and his crime ridden New York, he’s either the most gullible person on the face of the earth or he’s one of them! Only criminals let criminals walk free. That’s the only way people like Cumo get into power, New York is either full of crooks or the people are so lost they don’t know stupid whe it slaps them in the face. Either way they are lost. Tired of watching the injustice? Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

    • I agree and wish there was a way to block them. They are so full of shxt, their eyes are brown.

  4. Now when you speak of New York it seems like youa re trying to make a point which is what I am not sure, now we could talk about Florida which is a Republican controlled state and the recidivism rates are a bout the same in fact after 5 years Florida’s is higher by about 8%. So why are we just harping about New York when it is the Conservatives who want to make it so a person once put in prison never has any rights again and has great difficulty finding good jobs, even though they hav a needed skill level and necessary education, the Conservatives in most part only want to talk about really bad persons hey do not want to talk about those who while in Prison bettered them selves or became role models, and as soon as they get out of jaikl find they are considered low class persons hounded by the law and have between almost no rights to no rights at all, so where do you expect this person to end up, in a place where you because of your laws, is in most cases forced to conmmit crimes to just survive unless they have family to assist them, and your tax dollars will support that person. in jail, because your laws say they are not human.

    • You are talking GRAPES and ORANGES. What the article is referring to is pre-trial confinement. You see, Lefty, NYS has all but done away with cash bail.
      I’ve worked in the prisons of NYS. Very few convicts who are in prison “rehabilitate themselves”. They use the criteria of to return to prison within five years. What is left out is the minor crimes that the convict commits in those five years that does not result in going to prison but to a local jail (local correction facility). What is also left out is the return of parole violators to prison. Conveniently. You know the funny thing, is if you are not committing crime, the police don’t bother you. If you are a parolee, you are not supposed to associate with your former crimees or other felons without special permission from your parole officer. An ex con is not forced to do anything. There are plenty of programs out there to assist them in getting a job or to further their education. Clearly you do not know what is available. You have been listening to your fellow Leftists rather than finding out the truth.

  5. Accountability will come for all, and it will come from a higher power than politicians vying for votes. When the era of grace has run its course, there is a judgment which will be worse than Sharia law. It’s called HELL

  6. How are they going to learn a lesson when the first thing a criminal would have to do to teach them that lesson is to find a way through their 24/7 police security force paid for by you and me! Also, Andrew and Bill, you released them because of “SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS,” but sent the infected back into senior and rehab facilities to kill about 25% of the TOTAL New York Chinese/Wuhan/Covid 19 Virus Deaths in New York!! Just a question for you both: Do either of you have a relative in either of those types of facilities?

    • It’s worse here in PA. Gov wolf and his Tranny Health Official ordered Covid patients into the nursing homes too. ( While said tranny took it’s own mother OUT of a home and put her up in a hotel.) Over 50% of the deaths in PA were in nursing homes, and in my county over 80% were in nursing homes. That’s eighty per cent folks. Can you say, “they did it intentionally to rid Medicaire of a “burden”? This also happened in several other democrap run states.

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  8. It is always astounding to me that the people in the states that began the U.S.A. are so willing to violate the very principles for which it stands.

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