When You See These Social Media Posts About What Judge Amy Jackson Did During Roger Stone Trial, It Will Make You Furious

(Tea Party PAC) – The big talk of the town right now is the Roger Stone trial, largely due to the fact that when the Justice Department suggested almost a decade in prison for Stone, President Trump made a few harsh comments — all deserved — about the sentencing and things suddenly reversed.

Well, as it turns out, there’s been a lot of funny business going on behind the scenes of Stone’s trial, some of which is coming to the surface thanks to some social media posts that have revealed that U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson rigged the trial in cahoots with Far left activists.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the world we now live in, where justice is only upheld for the rich, powerful, and politically connected. And by “politically connected,” we mean folks who tow the Democratic Party line.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson last week denied Roger Stone’s sealed motion for a new trial.

As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — according to the February 5th order issued by Judge Jackson, Roger Stone cited a problem with a juror, however his motion was denied.

The details of the juror are unknown because the order released Wednesday was redacted, however, Roger Stone’s defense team in November tried to strike downseveral potential jurors who were overt Trump-hating leftists.

Several potential jurors in Stone’s case ended up being Trump-hating, Obama-era officials who admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 so Stone’s lawyer’s tried to strike them as potential jurors. But Amy Berman Jackson wouldn’t let that happen.

One of the potential jurors in question had a husband who worked for the Justice Department and actually played a role in the whole Russian collusion fiasco that is responsible for taking down Roger Stone, something that should have led to this juror being dismissed from duty, but Judge Jackson allowed her to stay. This already corrupts the whole trial.

Here are a few of the juror’s tweets:

Oh, and another juror involved in the case happens to be a huge fan and financial supporter of former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who also penned an op-ed for the Washington Post after the verdict against Trump had been delivered. Another member of the jury was a Democratic candidate for an office in the state of Tennessee.

So what exactly happened to due process here? You know, that whole thing about being tried by a jury of your peers, which tends to mean a group of individuals who aren’t automatically sided against you because of your political connections and their own affiliations with folks on the opposite side of the aisle?

Guess the Constitution is nothing to these people. This clearly isn’t fair and is something that should have never been allowed to happen. Stone should be given a brand new trial under a different judge and Judge Jackson should be investigated and held accountable for her failure to uphold Stone’s right to a fair trial.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/how-is-this-fair-roger-stone-jurors-included-a-former-doj-hack-linked-to-russia-hoax-a-former-democrat-candidate-and-a-huge-beto-donor/


  1. As I have said over and over you Real Americans are wasting your breathe, not one criminal democrat will be held accountable stop wasting your time. The only way this stops is through Civil War. It’s time for the Real Americans to take charge since we have spineless gut less Republicans and so called conserveratives supposedly representing the Real Americans. It seems Democrat’s are ready for war as it is, so let’s give it to them. Graham has been talking investigation since he quit sucking the traitor McCabe. I could go on but why bore you. Trump should trust no one at all. Go Trump MAGA. Vote RED. Vote for term limits Keep America run by the people

  2. JUSTICE IN AMERICA IS DEAD. This is one of the most one-sided, bias, corrupt trials in American History. Judge Amy Jackson must be investigated and charged accordingly for misconduct at the least, she has violated her Oath of Office. The Jury Forman and other members of the jury were bias, lied to the attorneys and when challenged by Stone’s Defense were denied by Judge Jackson. This is Obvious a Corrupt Trial, and must be Declared a Mistrial. Judge Jackson and several juror’s must be held accountable and charged with corruption. Each lie told by a Jury Member during selection is a Felony and these people told numerous lies.

  3. All those Judge and prosecutors need to be charged and disbarred. Never to be allowed to practice law again. We will give them due justice under a Constitution rights which they were unwilling to give Roger Stone!! It is time we the people stand up for w hat we believe and take back our country.

  4. There has been a civil war going on in the courts for nearly 3 years now . This judge Berman Jackson and the East district of Manhattan are picking winners and losers not following the law at all . This juror Ms Hart is a lawyer bu trade and knows better she should not have made it into the overall pool let alone be a Forman on the jury . This specific court has been overbearing and heavy handed since Trump has been elected and it is overwhelming liberal . Someone has got to put an end to this quickly , guys like Andrew Wiesman who practice there should have had there ticket pulled based on the secure and lies they have incorporated in the legal process with the help from judge Berman Jackson and others

  5. Give him a new trial with nonpartisan jurors. This is the only way anyone who is a Republican or a non democrat can get a fare trial.

  6. It appears all Democrats are criminals. This coup that has been perpetrated upon the President along with anyone affiliated with the President. It’s the Democrats who belong in jail along with this judge. It is very disturbing that these elected personnel hate the current administration so much they deny whatever motion is requested. I’m sick of it. They are the liars? Maybe they should be sujectd to a kangaroo court and be put in jail for 9 years along with some of the other liars like Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi -to name a few!

  7. The judge should be removed from the bench. She did not uphold her oath nor the constitution of this country. Folks if you elect people like her or Nancy,chukie,Waters, Nadler, Swalwell and white for ethics, then we might as well decide the states and go back to 48 or less,because these tinfoil wearing socialist will certainly lead to another civil war like the last time

  8. The legal system is nothing more than BS. The corruption is Government, FBI and Judicial system is nothing more than entities that need to be re-evaluated and removed. The CORRUPTION and BIAS of the Deep State is obvious so remove it ASAP

  9. Justice ? by a Socialist system ? supporters of destroying the Constitution…canceling our Bill of Rights ? the same group of social justice preachers which destroys and rewrites History ? wait until they get some more control…slavery will be remembered most clearly
    as we repeat all the horrors of the world before the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    yes…every horror of the NAZI era, the Soviet era, the Spanish Inquisition, the horrors of
    the Dark Ages the disease plagues…

  10. The CORRUPTION and BIAS of the Deep State is obvious. AG BARR…..WHEN will the Justice Dept start addressing the BLATANT travesties we see in the media??? Russian probe….DNC violations….Trump campaign wiretaps…. Benghazi…..!!!

  11. If president Trump doesn’t pardon Stone, it will get appealed and judge Jackass will be put on the hot seat, maybe in front of SCOTUS. That would be great.



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