While Rapinoe Goes Off The Rails, This US Women’s Soccer Player Is Being Snubbed For Her Faith

(Tea Party PAC) – Of course, these ladies aren’t elected officials, nor are they ambassadors of our country in any meaningful way, but their anti-American and overtly leftist antics are no less cause for any American to feel shame when these women act like morons on the job.

According to recent speculation, however, not only are these women crazy, they’re prejudiced against Christians as well. Why else would they snub Jaelene Hinkle, who plays for North Carolina Courage and is widely considered to be one of the best female players in the country?

Hinkle, who has been described as “the finest left-back in the NWSL” was not selected for the World Cup team and, as Sputnik News suggests, “Many have wondered if the snub had anything to do with the player’s refusal to promote the LGBT lifestyle, reportedly on Christian moral grounds.”

The Washington Times reports:

In 2017, Hinkle turned down a call-up from the national team for a pair of international friendlies after learning that the players would wear rainbow-themed jerseys in honor of Gay Pride Month. She said later that the uniform conflicted with her Christian faith.

“I just felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey,” she told “The 700 Club” in a May 2018 interview. “I gave myself three days to just seek and pray and determine what [God] was asking me to do in this situation.”

Although Coach Jill Ellis claims that the decision to pass on Hinkle was “solely based on soccer” and not her political or spiritual persuasion, this explanation has prompted a healthy bit of skepticism.

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My God Is Good. What an incredible day. Yesterday was full of so many emotions, but the greatest one I felt all day was love. Love from my team. Love from my family. And most importantly love from my God. And let me tell you, the feeling was mutual. I’ve never loved a team more. I’ve never been so grateful to my family for traveling to Portland to be with my team and I. And I truly have never felt the covering of my Savior like I did yesterday. Truly a day I will never forget! And thank you #CourageCountry for all the love and support all year long. This moment doesn’t happen without you. So with that, cheers my homies! 2018 was ours, and I wouldn’t have wanted to conquer it with anyone else. ❤️ “This girl ain’t goin anywhere.” – Lauren Daigle #Colossians323 #NoFinishLine

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“I’m essentially giving up the one dream little girls dream about their entire life. It was very disappointing. If I never get another national team call-up again then that’s just a part of [God’s] plan, and that’s OK,” Hinkle said back in 2017.

As an aside, Hinkle was also previously involved in an incident where she rescued the American flag when it fell to the ground during a post-game celebration.


Sadly, the team could clearly have used someone as humble as Hinkle. Instead, their most annoyingly vocal player is Megan Rapinoe, the purple-haired lesbian who has continued to rake in attention in the news for her series of anti-Trump rants, refusal to sing the national anthem, and the declaration that she will only grace with her presence those in Washington who share her every political ideology.

Rapinoe was also caught on camera indulging her narcissistic side and shouting, “I deserve this!” with the World Cup trophy balanced on her knee.

What a peach.

Rapinoe has also been promoted by the media as a mouthpiece to argue for equal pay, despite the Women’s World Cup earning $5,869,000,000.00 less in revenue than the men’s World Cup.

The men’s World Cup brought in $6 billion in revenue compared to the Women’s World Cup, which brought in $131 million.

Not to forget that the under-15 Dallas Academy boys team beat the professional U.S. women’s soccer team 5-2, so maybe they should be invited to the White House instead.

According to InfoWars, Rapinoe has also frequently mentioned the fact that the team has several lesbian players, which may add a clue as to just why they wouldn’t want a Christian like Hinkle around.

You know what they say, though. Pride goes before destruction.