Who Rachel Maddow Is Blaming For Iowa Caucus Debacle Will Make You Bust A Gut Laughing

(Tea Party PAC) – Liberals often like to assert that anytime a conservative suggests that the government might be up to something nefarious, those individuals are wackadoos who have spent far too much time wearing tinfoil hats and lounging around in their “command centers” located in mama’s basement.

However, it seems the left isn’t completely free of paranoia themselves, as is evidenced by who MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is blaming for the total crap show that was the Iowa caucus. Apparently, according to her brilliant political analysis, it was all 4chan’s fault.

You can’t make this garbage up, folks. You really can’t.

Summit News has the details:

Rachel Maddow blamed anonymous messageboard 4Chan for the debacle in Iowa, claiming that a handful of calls ‘clogged up’ the Iowa Democratic Party phone lines.

The delay in reporting the results of the Iowa caucus was blames on “reporting issues” related to an app called Shadow which is owned by Buttigieg supporter Tara McGowan.

However, this didn’t stop Maddow from claiming that 4Channers were to blame for calling Democratic Party phone lines to sow confusion, despite it being acknowledged that this occurred after the problem with the app had been made public.

“Firstly, the caucus was over, and Dems had to call in because their other tech failed,” the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross noted. “But even crazier, Maddow compared all of this to the 2002 New Hampshire phone jamming scandal, in which, completely unlike Iowa, GOP operatives robo-called Democrats’ get-out-the-vote call centers *before* a Senate election.”

Ross accused Maddow of engaging in “pure disinformation” in front of an audience of millions.

The MSNBC host made the bizarre claims despite her own colleagues at the network debunking 4chan’s involvement earlier in the day.

The fact that the left is so desperate to find someone to blame, yet won’t actually take any sort of personal responsibility for the mess themselves speaks volumes about the kind of people who make up the “culture” at large, doesn’t it?

The Democratic Party is the one who wrecked the Iowa caucus. There’s no one else who can take the blame for this insanity, despite their best attempts to pass the buck to anyone else over the whole mess.

Now think about this for a second. The same people who couldn’t even organize an election want to run your health care and virtually every other part of your life that you’ll allow them to, believing they know what you need better than you do.

How is that not pure insanity? Look at the ineptitude of these people. That’s a hard pass from me. It would be better to have a root canal performed by a first-year dentist than to experience the nightmare of having health care run by the same people who are in power over the DMV.

Source: summit.news/2020/02/07/rachel-maddow-blames-4chan-for-shambles-in-iowa/



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