Why Do All Election Fraud Roads In Georgia Seem To Lead Back To This Guy?

(Tea Party PAC) – The election fraud web is starting to unravel and those responsible for the theft of the 2020 presidential election are being exposed.

In Georgia, a man named Dwight Brower received deliveries of fraudulent ballots which were sent to the state from Arizona. Brower is also connected to the fake water main break scandal that took place at the State Farm Arena which resulted in ballot watchers being sent home.

The water main break was a lie and ballot counting continued after watchers were sent packing.

Brower was also involved in the termination of a poll worker turned whistleblower who pointed to corrupt activities that took place on Election Day. Nothing says guilty quite like terminating a whistleblower.

The fraudulent ballots, however, are what might bring Brower down.

It was reported on Friday that there were loads of fraudulent ballots found in a Georgia warehouse but what’s troubling is that after Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to allow inventor Jovan Pulitzer investigate the ballots, a moving truck showed up at the warehouse and loaded them all up.

What is really going on here? Who sent the truck? It just so happened to be that the individual taking pictures and documenting the fraudulent ballots was at the warehouse when an Enterprise moving van pulled up and loaded up.

The fraudulent ballots found in the warehouse were addressed to Dwight Brower with the Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections. The ballots numbered in the tens of thousands.

Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne went to the warehouse in Georgia to get the pictures of and document the fake ballots and he was there when the Enterprise van allegedly pulled up to take them all away.

He posted a series of tweets showing pictures of stacks upon stacks of fraudulent ballots and said that the video of the moving truck would be forthcoming.

Notice how the ballots are addressed to Dwight Brower. It looks like there needs to be some digging into who exactly this Dwight Brower is. He seems to have his hands deep in election fraud.

Brower, of course, hasn’t been acting alone. It’s become quite clear that the level of fraud that occurred in the Nov 3 election has been perpetrated by a massive organization set on bringing down President Trump.

This network of bad actors extends overseas and involves many other countries and many, many plots and schemes that when combined successfully rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden.

These people need to be brought to justice and now that we have the identity of at least one person involved with the fraud, hopefully it will lead to the exposure of others.

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  1. I hate to be pessimistic but like everything else brought to light over the past year, it never seems to get resolved, it just fades away.

    • I hate reading stuff about the rampant voter fraud because nothing gets done about it except to say President Trump is being defiant and should concede. Why should he concede when the election was clearly stolen from him? You liberals are disgusting and deplorable just like sore loser HRC.

    • Sorry son not a liberal or a loon or a democrat….but you keep trying….i’m sure it will come to you!

  2. Can We The People be sure that the ongoing Election in GA will also be just as rigged as Nov 3rd was/is? How else are we going to get democrats elected?

  3. Biden HAD to win. This is all an act. Biden will step down and Harris will assume the Oval Office with the lying Obama version 2.0 in the back ground. The DemocRATS don’t have to do anything but sit back and sweat. I would never have thought that a presidency could be bought but seeing is believing. The American Workers Party is HERE now! Beware of the Brown Shirts.

    • We the People have so many options to charge back at all of these tyrants, even those tyrants that are legally elected and never seem to do what is best for USA!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Evil, treason, theft. They’ve got to postpone this election. I’m pretty sure that Purdue really won in Nov & shouldn’t have to dodge theft twice.

    • Grated! But on the books in GA that if the votes of Parties are within a minimal value then there will be a contest and revote. That is what happened here in Georgia where they so far have stolen the PRESIDENCY for the moment, update later,

  5. Send some FBI agents who are Loyal to the President and the Constitution to question this DemocRAT and then charge this CROOKED RAT with Voter Fraud. I guaranteed you that if he is charged with Multiple Offenses along with the Alien and Sedition Act which the penalty for Conviction is DEATH BY HANGING. If Need Be question him for about 10 hours and I guarantee you he will Crack and Start Naming names.

  6. I am old enough to remember F.D.R. and his unheard of 3 terms as president dying in office.But I dont recollect any republicans roiting and distroying property because of this. what has happened to people now adays the least infractions on any thing people go crazy and distructive.I know America is on its last leg but thank God I want be here to witness the end.

  7. U do know this will be all swept under the rug with the courts being Obama judges. Comments I’ve read Demorats are asking for proof, well how much more do they want. I do believe Demorats are communist socialist “SOB” as I’ve stated before vote party and u will vote a communist to the WH. OH u just did.

  8. All of Normal Americans know. President Trump won by a landslide. We are not stupid. I never listen to a Liberal Democrat Talk. It has been over 1 1/2 years. Everything thing they say is a lie. Just like the News Media. Even Fox I haven’t trust them for over 1 1:2 years. Newsmax is the only real News. President Trump is the Best President America has ever had. He loves America and the American People. I honestly believe we will have 4 more years of President Trump. And to help prove we had his back. I wish he would Deputize every Trump supporter. That would want to be Deputized. And we could definitely stop these sick minded violent murdering Liberals. And this country would become very peaceful again. But it never will until they are dealt with accordingly. 4 more years of President Trump. We all know God will take over and the President will Prevail.

  9. 2020 US Election should be declared null and void because of massive postal ballot fraud. It was mainly engineered by Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi with active participation by black democrats like Abrams and Waters. I would not rule out Barack Hussein as well.


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