Why Do Illegal Aliens From Ebola-Stricken Congo Have Rolls Of $100 Bills

(Tea Party PAC) – Although the mainstream media is avoiding this story like, well, the Ebola virus, hundreds of illegal aliens from the Democratic Republic of Congo where the virus is raging have been dumped on the streets of San Antonio, Texas.

But please, mainstream media, tell me how Trump said something that triggered you.

These aliens, who somehow managed to fly to Central America or Mexico, don’t speak English and, as one local reporter has revealed, San Antonio is desperately seeking volunteers for French-English interpretation.

Investigative journalist Urs Gehriger, who speaks French, spoke with some of these Congolese migrants and discovered that they are being coached by NGO’s not to speak with ICE officers.

Gehriger also said that the migrants just so happen to have rolls of cash.


He said that an aide noticed several of the Congolese migrants had rolls of $100 bills in their hands.

Who is lining these migrants pockets? Literally?

Gehriger said that the aliens he spoke with refused to tell him how they got into the US, and it’s clear that they’ve been well-briefed on the importance of hiding who is behind their migration to the Americas and into the US.

“They wouldn’t tell me anything about how they got here, and then they started to get aggressive and they were contradicting each other,” Gehriger explained to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has been covering this under-reported story.

“One said they ran through the forest, and another said no, there was no forest, and they were actually arguing among themselves,” he added.

However they got here, they were certainly well provided for.

“What I found from an aid worker there, they actually do have money. Quite a few of them, because he spotted them under a tree, right in front of the shelter, counting a roll of money with hundred dollar bills,” Gehriger told Ingraham.

This is insane!

Is someone paying for aliens to carry Ebola to the US?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

** Travelers to this area could be infected with Ebola if they come into contact with an infected person’s blood or other body fluids.

** Travelers should seek medical care immediately if they develop fever, headache, body aches, sore throat, diarrhea, weakness, vomiting, stomach pain, rash, or red eyes during or after travel.

Brian Kolfage of “We Build the Wall” told the Gateway Pundit earlier this month that they were told of the aliens during their construction project in El Paso.

He claims to have heard of confirmed cases of Ebola!