Why the Democrats Need Trump – You’ve Got To Read This One!

(PCC)If I were to tell you Trump-Derangement Syndrome is the glue which holds the Democrat Party together you will call me crazy, until you step back, take a deep breath, and realize Steve just may be right again!

In the unpredictable game of American politics, the Democrats are in a tough spot: they need the divisive figure of Donald Trump to hold together their weak alliance. This is an odd plan, but it was made because it had to be, not because it was wanted to be.

With the 2024 election coming up quickly, Joe Biden and his party are trying to figure out how to deal with a highly divided electorate and an impatient base. Their answer? Make the race about Trump, once more!

It’s true, the Democratic Party is coming apart at the seams. It’s getting harder and harder to find common ground between Progressives who demand their way and centrists who want to be more cautious. Biden is stuck in the middle and needs a cause which will bring his party together behind him!  And the person they all hate with the greatest passion is none other than…….(wait for it)…… Donald J. Trump! OMG!

With the utter Biden failures, inflation out of control , Ukraine war and now Biden refusing to supply Israel with needed support the Democrat Party is looking to the ‘United Hate Front’. Which mean all Democrats hate Trump! Therefore the party of tolerance is glued together by hate!

Think of it. The liberal narratives of the Dems must unite the Trans, bisexual and Gay vote within their own party and then the Unions see Trump as the one who can return power to the worker! The Democrats feel they don’t have many other choices but to ‘gin-up’ more hate!

People who follow politics don’t miss the comedy of the situation. In a terrible turn of events, Trump is now both the problem and the answer for the Democrats. The fact he is there makes politics more difficult for Democrats, who have to face their own flaws, something they hate to do.

But what about the Great Switcheroo? You know, sometime in May or perhaps June something will happen and Biden will no longer be the ‘candidate’ and the ‘great savior’ emerges from the shadows to save Democracy (aka Democrat Party’s A$$). This shadowy figure could be Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom or some glowing celebrity, but make no mistake Trump will be the uniting glue which will hold the Democrat Party together.

The Democrats are ready to accept what will happen. Though they might not be able to make their alliance bigger, they will be happy to keep it together if that’s not possible.

BUT this means the election is all about Trump! 🤣

Final Word: Democrats are lying in the beds they made and will use anything and anyone to meet their objective. Their secret motto has become: “When we have won the war, who will question our methods?” (guess who coined that phrase?)






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