Wichita, Kansas Library Can’t Decide If They Should Ban Sex Offenders From Reading To Children. The Reason Why Will Make You See Red.

(Tea Party PAC) – Truly it seems as though nothing makes any rational sense anywhere, anymore. In Wichita, Kansas, the library board is considering a proposal that would ban registered sex offenders from participating in Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) events. Seems like they are on the right track! Except for the fact that they are divided and there has been debate over the proposal.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A library board in Kansas finds itself divided on a proposal to automatically bar registered sex offenders from participating in presentations at public libraries following outcry over the records of some Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) performers.

After an event last year in which drag queens read pro-LGBT stories to children at Wichita’s Advanced Learning Library, the community’s library board is currently debating a proposal to automatically disqualify convicted sex offenders from presenting at libraries in the area. 

Past DQSH events have come under fire for putting convicted pedophiles and prostitutes in close proximity to children, yet the proposal has been met with some resistance.

This seems like a no-brainer! What business do registered sex offenders have working events that are aimed at children? Dressed as drag queens, to boot! We can dispense with the lie that the DQSH events are innocent, story time events intended to bring about acceptance and equality. These events are blatant, intentional efforts to indoctrinate children with the LGBT agenda and groom them into future victims.

Naturally, the proposal has found opposition from Equality Kansas. According to the Wichita Eagle, the organization’s director, Thomas Witt, asserted, “It’s clear why they’re checking for sex offenses only: they’re trying to label the LGBT population in this city as sex offenders, which is offensive in and of itself,” he continued to say, “These are public presentations in one of the most open and public places in the city of Wichita. I doubt very seriously it’s a venue for predators.”

So much ignorance in one statement. It is completely idiotic to claim that the only reason the library board is targeting sex offenders is for the express purpose of “labeling” the entire LGBT population as sex offenders. Quite honestly, it seems like an oxy-moronic assertion when you consider it’s the LGBT community dressing up in inappropriate, wildly sexualized costumes for the purpose of reading LGBT-themed books to small children. If they don’t want to be labeled as sexual offenders, they shouldn’t act like sexual offenders.

Did it ever occur to Witt that maybe the library board is genuinely concerned for the safety of the children who attend these events?

It’s ridiculous to imply that the feelings of a small, minority segment of the population should matter more than the safety of children in the community. That is the stance Witt is taking on the issue and it’s ignorant and irresponsible. Then to claim that because the library is an open and public place it couldn’t possibly be a place for sexual predators to scout for victims, as if he is unaware that is exactly the type of place sexual predators search for potential victims.

What is sad is the entire discussion around whether or not the proposal is a good idea is centered on pandering to the LGBT mob rather than taking a stand for the safety of innocent children.


During a board meeting this week, members largely agreed on screening prospective presenters against the registry, but some argued that a conviction shouldn’t be an automatic disqualifier, depending on the circumstances.

Jonathan Winkler argued for allowing the “flexibility to work around” situations where what’s illegal in one state may not be elsewhere, such as consensual, adult same-sex relations (some states still have their old anti-sodomy laws on the books, but they cannot be enforced due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling).

Library director Cynthia Berner, meanwhile, said she opposed letting sex offenders present to children but wanted to leave open the possibility of letting them participate in adults-only conversations.

The responsible thing to do would be pass the proposal and ban sex offenders from dressing in drag to indoctrinate and groom young children. Instead we have this board discussing ways to get around the proposal before it has even been passed! This is where we are in 21st century America, folks.


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