Wisconsin Refuses Recount If Trump Doesn’t Cough Up This Massive Amount Of Dough

(Tea Party PAC) – There has no doubt been massive fraud and corruption involved in the 2020 presidential election and no President Trump is faced with the grueling and arduous task of uncovering it all.

There is so much involved in this process and what many Americans may not realize is that recounts aren’t always automatic and they certainly aren’t free.

Many states have certain margins that trigger an automatic recount anywhere from .01% to .05% but in states that don’t, and there are 15 of them, the loser is responsible for footing the bill of the recount if it’s requested.

Usually state and local governments will pay for costs up front to get the ball rolling but in Wisconsin the Elections Commission is saying they want President Trump to pay 100% of the cost upfront or there will be no recount.

According to Breaking 911, the state wants a cool $7.9 million to do a recount. In 2016, failed presidential candidate Jill Stein paid $2 million for a recount in the state which confirmed that President Trump won, CNN reports.

Now, the state has doubled the price. We can’t imagine why they would do that? Oh, that’s right, it’s President Trump requesting the recount and “orange man bad.”

Wisconsin’s chief election official, Meagan Wolfe, gave a laundry list of reasons why the recount is exorbitantly more costly this time around which mostly revolve around COVID restrictions that require large space for social distancing and public observers. She also claimed that there would be a shorter time frame because of the “holiday” and that somehow makes it more expensive.

Wolfe also cited the larger number of mail-in ballots that need recounted this year and renting expensive “high-speed ballot counting equipment” as reasons why it will be so much more expensive.

They want Trump to foot the bill upfront and Wolfe says that’s because the state wants “Wisconsin voters to know we are ready.”

The state did, however, say that if the recount turns out to be less expensive than the estimates from the Wisconsin Elections Commission they would graciously issue Trump a refund for the difference.

It sounds like someone outside of the state of Wisconsin needs to do an estimate for how much the recount would really cost before President Trump agrees to shell out almost $8 million upfront.

Important to note is the fact that President Trump’s campaign has not yet requested a recount in the state and it’s unclear if he will do so. The deadline for requesting the recount is Wednesday at 5 pm and the state must get the recount completed by Dec. 1st.

If President Trump’s team can prove that the fraud and the steal actually came from the elections system software that was used there may not even be reason for the costly recount in Wisconsin.

Trump’s team has indicated they are close to moving on Dominion Voting Systems and the pile of evidence against the corrupt company just grows by the day.

The results from the entire election should be thrown out and labeled illegitimate. The only way to resolve this is by a complete in-person re-do.

Copyright 2020. TeaPartyPac.org


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  3. Heavenly Father, we ask that You Lord keep America from socialism and reveal voter fraud and bring truth to light! ✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸
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  7. It is so obviously clear that there is a high degree of Skullduggery going on with the entire November 3 , 2020 General Election. The Democrats have done everything in their power to remove this President. When any political party goes to the lengths of extreme to which this entire world has witnessed from the Democrat Party attempt against this President. Now “They” are actually casting their lot against the American People. Openly and purposely. There are certain things that just do not pass the “Smell test.” 1) Every where that Biden took his son Hunter on board AF #2 (Ukraine, China, Estonia among many, shortly there after son Hunter winds up with sweetheart business deals making him literally Millions and billions of Dollars. Common Sense says those deals were consummated while on tour with dear old Dad while in transport in an official capacity with his Dad, the then VPOTUS Conducting government business. That makes those deals inviolation of our Constitution, and makes them each a felony. No one on this earth is ever going to say with an once of sincerity that Dear Old Dad and Son never had any conversations concerning those deals. While on board AF2. Therefore making Dear Old Dad an accomplish if nothing else. 2) Biden as the Democrat Nomination for the post of POTUS in the November election did little to no campaigning away from his basement supposedly due to the COVID19 Pandemic. Yet every time he was talking for more than 15 minutes he always made some astonishing claims and statements that placed his campaign and the Democrats as a whole in dangerous waters. Yet We the People of the World are supposed to believe that he received over 78Million votes across the nation to which he never even spoke to. While Trump on the other hand while running the nation’s business, fighting attacks from the Democrats, foreign nations, and a world Pandemic found the time to go out and campaign as most every other Republican candidate running for election or re-election. Many Democrat candidates campaigned also.3) though I hate to think in these terms, it seems inertly strange that so many Black Americans who shall we say were “operating on the shady side of the law” were shot and killed during apprehension initiating more demonstrations , riots, looting and deaths to innocent American citizens. 4) then, on election day when the voting finally came to a close and the counting of ballots shut down for the nigh( a strange happening in itself) Trump was ahead in almost all of the Key states. Even after the Governor of PA made the statement that when the dust finally settled in PA Trump was not going to win in PA. Then the next day when the counting was to resume somehow as though by Magic Biden not only caught up but zoomed by Trump who was 100s of thousands of votes ahead in the key electoral states. There’s an old saying: “If it quacks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, you can bet your life that the that feather creature is a duck. Well folks, this election was rigged long before anyone cast a single ballot regardless of how they did it. You simply can not have 10s of thousands and hundreds of thousands of ballots counted and determined to be for only one candidate in a manner of 4-6 hours of Shut Down time. But it happened and We the People of this nation and the world are supposed to believe that it was all above board. If you want to believe that than I know where you can buy some Ocean front property in Wyoming. The Democrat leadership and many individuals in our Intelligence community, along with some very aggressive under handed members of the world leadership community are involved in an attempt to take over this nation of ours.

    • Charles, you make a strong argument as have I when debating this fraudulent election with a number of liberals. But of course they never concede in the slightest. No amount of hard evidence will ever change their minds. The corruption runs deep, from the top of ladder to the lowest rung. All leftists are complicit down to the lowliest voter. It will be a winner take all bloodletting battle with no quarter given. It’s sad that an entire segment of our citizenry has devolved into nothing more than a hate filled party of the doomed who hates our country, it’s constitution and all it stands for.

    • The only fraud is Trump, the scam artists, money launderer and Putin butt kisser. He has worked with Putin in trying to fix two elections. It worked the first time, and with millions of more votes this time he thought with Putin’s help it would be enough. Trump the traitor awaits some good lawsuits when he gets his far ass our of the house he never deserves with his 22000 lies in less than four years and being guilty of tens of thousands of negligent homicides during the pandemic.

  8. How Can someone Win Millions of Votes from the Basement? They were so assured and confident that they were going to Win? How is that? Biden Never once answered questions? He Never stated his Plans of running the Country? He just stayed in the Basement and Won the Election???? I have seen elections now for 55yrs and NEVER EVER seen anyone win by doing, saying Nothing about your plans for the Highest Seat in our Nation??? The entire time so sure he’s gonna Win??? Something Stinks Here, it smells FRAUDULENT!!!…

    • Trump is in his bunkers, the ones in the White House, and the ones on the golf courses that he plays everyday, he really is trying hard to help the people with the virus.

  9. It’s time for a State Photo Voter ID Nation Wide and Uniformed!!! This Computer Crap is Clearly made to Cheat, Steal, and Upend our Elections!! This Must End with a New National Same System! Voters Must Show ID’s, Proof of Resident’s, The People that have Died the state registers each death, That Driver License and Voter ID should be Voided once the State is Notified!!! This Shouldn’t be so Difficult to do?!?!!…
    Unless Ya Want to Cheat the Election!!!…

  10. How about if Biden loses he pays!!! All the money he’s fleeced from America, giving all the our jobs to China, and from other countries, he has plenty!!!

    • They want to blackmail my president? Thing the doj should step in and demand or they all be arrested for blackmailing and being part of the fraud.

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