Witch Hunt: Democrat-Led House Committees Gain New Powers To Investigate Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – The witch hunt drags on by desperate Democrats who are trying to do everything in their power to distract from the fact that the origins of the Russia investigation will soon be exposed.

On Tuesday, the Democrat-led House voted 229 to 191 on a resolution which would give the Judiciary Committee and other panels new powers to investigate the President and his associates.

They do realize they were elected to actually get things done and try to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues, right? As the border crisis rages, Americans are dying from opioid overdoses, and cancer-stricken 9/11 first responders may soon lose their benefits (not that anyone in Congress seems to care about that.)

This resolution, the one they did show up for, would give House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler the authority to “initiate or intervene in judicial proceedings to enforce certain subpoenas and for other purposes.”

Other powers the Dems will now have include, according to Axios:

• A subpoena for Attorney General Bill Barr to turn over the full, unredacted Mueller report and its underlying materials.

• A subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn, who has been blocked by the White House from cooperating, to turn over documents related to Trump’s potential obstruction of justice.

• A petition asking the court to release the 6(e) grand jury material redacted in the Mueller report.

• Two people named in the resolution, Attorney General Bill Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn, have both defied congressional subpoenas to turn over documents and appear before committees.

Nadler did, somewhat surprisingly, however, back down from threats to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt on Monday, and announced that he had reached a deal with the Department of Justice to access “Mueller’s most important files.”

This vote came amid increasing tension between Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats on whether or not to pursue impeachment.

Pelosi has been clear that she believes Trump “engaged in a cover-up” and ought to be in jail, however, she has been pretty trigger-shy on the question of impeachment, knowing what a politically risky move it would be for her caucus.

The more radical members of her party, however, seem unconcerned about political expediency and more interested in fulfilling their campaign promises to, in the words of radical Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, to “impeach the motherf***er.”

Democrat leadership like Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff, most likely want to continue to give the impression that the president committed crimes worth investigating so they can drag this out through the 2020 election cycle as long as they possibly can.

Also, as previously mentioned, they know that Barr and the other federal agencies are investigating the way their predecessors set about spying on Trump when he was a candidate in 2016 at the same time that they were clearing his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, of criminal wrongdoing.

The hammer is going to fall very hard on these Deep State crooks, and all the Democrats can even hope to do is try to be louder.

Unfortunately for them, they’ve been screaming the same lie for years now, while Barr’s revelations are going to finally reveal to Americans what’s been going on all along.