Wow: Republican Congressman Actually Suggests Issuing Stimulus Payments Based On Vaccination Status

(Tea Party PAC) – Nothing has revealed to what extent the Republican Party has been populated with jelly-spined hacked like the events of the past month.

And now we’re faced with the reality that the GOP establishment in Washington D.C. is hardly going to put up much of an effort to Biden’s Orwellian push into the Great Reset.


GOP Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio is now under fire for proposing that $1,400 in additional planned stimulus checks be issued to those who have received COVID-19 vaccinations.

Speaking to Yahoo News in an interview published on Thursday, he suggested this “solution” as part of a broader narrative on bringing Democrats and Republicans “together.”

“Hopefully there are things that we can come together on. You know, even the pandemic response. It’s so important that we build herd immunity as soon as we can,” he said.

“While I am not for giving a $1,400 stimulus check for anything, I’d be willing to sign off on a stimulus check of $1,400 for people who take the vaccine, and I hope the administration will look at that option because we actually buy something with our $1,400 — and that’s herd immunity,” he continued.

Herd immunity, by the way, is something that is sorely needed when a population is faced with a novel virus like the coronavirus. It has been argued for months now that continued restrictive lockdowns and school closures is preventing the population from developing such an immunity, in fact, as the virus is has consistently proven to be largely harmless to children and healthy younger adults.

As it happens, this idea was first floated by Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, a Democrat.

“Pay people to take a covid vaccine. The vaccines are likely to arrive at the same moment Washington is, belatedly, taking up much-needed stimulus legislation. The timing couldn’t be better: Money would go into Americans’ pockets just when the U.S. economy can begin fully reopening with a vaccinated population that can go about their daily lives without fear of catching the disease or infecting others,” he wrote for the Washington Post two months ago.

“To that end, the federal government should pay every American $1,500 to get vaccinated. Send proof of vaccination, receive a $1,500 check or money via direct deposit. Such an incentive might be the most effective way to persuade people to overcome suspicion or even fear of vaccines that, like so much else about the pandemic, became politicized during an election year,” he explained.

He was quickly joined by several on the left who agreed.

Both Never Trumper Anthony Scaramucci and former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang chimed in their approval of this terrifically statist plan:

“Well, I like the idea because it’ll increase the likelihood of the herd immunity. There’s a lot of anti-vaxxers, a lot of misinformation about vaccine out there, Don. And I also think people need the money,” Scaramucci told CNN’s Don Lemon at the time.

Yang agreed.

“I think we should be getting money into people’s hands right now, but certainly it would increase adoption of the vaccine, and we’re going to need to do something to stimulate trust and widespread adoption if we are going to actually be able to resume any kind of public gatherings, indoor dining, or really any form of normalcy,” he said.

Stivers’ echoing of this disturbing policy proposal was widely criticized among conservatives on Twitter:

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  1. Your last term you progressive democrat!.Just come out of the closet and jump to the democrats.We don’t need jellyfish like you in the party. please dry up and blow away

  2. Wait a minute I’m in the group that should get it first but so far unable to get any appointment. Yet I hear of families of first responders can get it. The states and cities have screwed the distribution up. Telling the whole city to get appointment by logging or calling at a specific time and the site gets shut down, too many people at one time. They knew that would cause problems so now they will try to fix it! And young politicians are getting it!


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