Wow: The Fake News New York Times Claims Migrants Are Leaving Central America Because Of Global Warming

(Tea Party PAC) – Wow.

Just when you think the New York Times can’t get any less trustworthy (thank goodness for CNN, or they’d be the least trusted name in news), they come out with a doozy like this.

After two years of peddling nonsense and lies on Russia, Russia, Russia, the New York Times is quickly shifting their sights to, well, more nonsense and lies.

Like a completely mythical narrative on the border crisis that, scarily enough, the left is likely to gobble up.

Now, it turns out, instead of fleeing desperate violence in Central America, the mostly military-aged males who often admit on camera they’re heading to the US for jobs and are bringing their kids along with them because they know children are like a golden ticket into the US, they’re really fleeing…wait for it…GLOBAL WARMING.

Late last month, the media began reporting that a pesky little global warming critter called the southern pine beetle that had wiped out more than a quarter of the conifers in Central America between 2013 and 2017 is back.

France 24 also reported on a so-called Dry Corridor in the region which is caused by El Nino.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before the media began blaming global warming for the mass migration crisis.

The mass migration crisis they completely denied until about five minutes ago, by the way.


This is getting old.