WTH? Did Joe Biden Just Imitate A Child With A Speech Impediment?

(Tea Party PAC) – You may have missed it since there are so many more exciting things going on this week than the Democratic presidential primaries, but there was a debate last night for the dwindling members of the once-massive pool of candidates.

And no 2020 Democratic primary debate would be complete without a gaffe from former Vie President Joe Biden, who most Americans seem to agree barely has his faculties about him.

This time around, it appeared that Biden imitated a child with a speech impediment.

The strange moment occurred when Biden was responding to a question aimed at all the candidates as to whether they would give a gift or ask for forgiveness this holiday season (what?)

Biden launched into his answer by saying that he and his wife, former second lady Jill Biden, have a “call list” of roughly 20 to 100 people they speak with each month.

“I give them my private cell number. They keep in touch with me,” the former vice president explained.

He then told of a call he’d had with a young boy who had a stutter.

“I can’t talk, what do I do?” the former vice president said the boy told him, complete with an imitation of the boy saying “I” repeatedly.

“I have scores of these young women and men who I keep in contact with. And the reason I would give everyone here a gift is because they want to do something like I do, making their lives better because there’s a lot of people who are hurting very, very, very badly,” he added.

Biden has often called upon his own experiences of growing up with a childhood stutter and has spoken to others who suffer from the speech impediment while campaigning.

In Keene, New Hampshire in August, a young man with a stutter introduced himself to Biden.

“You know, I used to be a very bad stutterer. I’ve spoken a lot about it,” the vice president told the young man. “It does not define you. It cannot define you.”

He then asked for the young man’s phone number so he could presumably be on his and Jill’s call list.

Biden struggled with a stutter into his early twenties until he overcame the impediment by spending hours at a time reciting poetry in front of a mirror.

All this, however, makes it particularly uncouth that the former VP would imitate this poor child. Biden of all people should know the embarrassment of a stutter, and yet he has to recount it to the entire world on national television to try to make himself look good?



  1. Biden’s got serious mental issues!! He needs to be “medically evaluated” ASAP – or the *Biden Clan* are going to be in more serious trouble!! Good thing…..NO Oval Office ever – for this buffoon!!


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