WTH? Scientists From The Pentagon Are Secretly Working To Make Microchip Inserted Under Skin To Detect COVID-19

(Tea Party PAC) – Pentagon scientists are apparently working together in a secretive unit to help make a microchip that can be inserted underneath the skin and detect COVID-19 before the body can exhibit symptoms of the illness.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, Colonel Matt Hepburn, who is an infectious disease physician, was interviewed on 60 Minutes and revealed that he spent years working with a secretive defense advanced research projects agency, known as DARPA, working on a new piece of technology that he hopes will make sure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic in human history.

As you can see, this is all very, very bad. And that’s before the details of the project he was working on are discussed. Just the fact he worked with DARPA should be enough to raise a whole lot of red flags.

“Dr. Hepburn showed us a few current projects, some sound like they’re from an episode of “Star Trek.” Consider a ship like the USS Theodore Roosevelt — hobbled last year when 1,271 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus. What if everyone on board had their health monitored with this subdermal implant, now in late-stage testing. It’s not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move, but a tissue-like gel engineered to continuously test your blood,” 60 Minutes host Bill Whitaker stated during the program.

Hepburn referred to the microchip as a “check engine light.”

“That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow,” he went on to say.

Dr. Hepburn also revealed that DARPA has created a filter which would be passed through a person’s blood and remove the virus, saying “It takes the virus out, and puts the blood back in.” Well, that just sounds neat, doesn’t it? And yet, I still don’t trust these people. Do you?

Apparently this filter has been tested on 300 critically ill individuals. The Pentagon then attempted to assuage the fears of millions of viewers by stating the microchip technology is not to track someone’s every move. And we should just believe whatever the government tells us, right? There’s no way Uncle Sam would lie to the American people, would he?

This isn’t a rant against technology. We have some awesome technology and are headed toward some truly miraculous breakthroughs in the field of medicine that will extend our lifespans and help treat many serious and fatal diseases. However, not all the technology being developed is for the purpose the government claims it is for.

We know our government lies all the time and that they have spied on citizens before through phone and email. What makes anyone think these same shady individuals wouldn’t attempt to use a chip like this as a tracking device? They honestly might now, but we don’t know that for sure. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

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