Your Race Could Cost You Extra Time in Jail

(PCC)“Do the crime, Do the time” is no longer a consideration. The new enlightened progressive sentence format will be: “Do the crime, protected race will do no time” I wonder what will happen to criminals who know they won’t do any time for their crime? The reverse is true as well. What will happen to criminals who know they will serve time for their crime!

I think this will be called a race driven crime spree!

Citizen groups are expressing concern over a proposed bill, Bill 852, which would allow judges to consider race when sentencing offenders as part of reparations efforts.

The bill, authored by California Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer, aims to address the historical racial bias in the criminal justice system and the disparate impact on disenfranchised populations.

However, critics argue that the bill is problematic and could have far-reaching consequences.

Opponents of the bill, including Republican lawmakers, argue it goes beyond its stated intentions and fundamentally changes the penal code.

Focusing on racial disparities in sentencing fails to address the root causes of crime and instead suggests examining issues such as education and the well-being of crime victims.

Some citizen group argue the bill promotes racial inequality by suggesting judges should treat individuals differently based on their race, which they view as a misguided approach to justice.

Who will become the new protected class in the criminal justice system?

Here are some figures:

  • 5 percent for black
  • 4 for Hispanic
  • 2 for white
  • 9 for Asian

Critics also question the efficacy of the bill, arguing it falls short of providing a comprehensive solution. They suggest while considering race in sentencing may be a step, more needs to be done to achieve meaningful reform. Additionally, concerns are raised about public safety and the reputation of the criminal justice system if the bill is enacted.

The bill has faced opposition from conservative activists and citizen groups but no official opposition has been listed in the committee or in formal action. The bill will now move to the Senate Public Safety Committee for further consideration once legislative meetings resume in August.

Conservative activists and citizen groups emphasize the need to recalibrate legislative priorities and find comprehensive solutions to issues in the criminal justice system, rather than focusing solely on offenders. They argue the current approach neglects the well-being of victims and displays a concerning tunnel vision regarding criminals.

Final Word: Is a ‘Get Out Of Jail’ card waiting for all members of a certain race? When did the severity and impact of a crime become dependent on the race of the offender? Why should individuals of specific races be exempt from punishment simply because of their skin color? Is there a special privilege granted to members of a particular race that allows them to evade imprisonment?

May I ask you an honest question? Who will have criminal privileges?


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