You’re Fired: GA County Officials Bring The Hammer Down After Uncounted Ballots Found

(Tea Party PAC) – Ever notice how anytime “mistakes” or “glitches” or just straight-up fraud are discovered, it always benefits Joe Biden prior to discovery? Can that really just be a wild coincidence? We think not.

There is no doubt that the fraud involved in the 2020 presidential election has been an organized effort that began months ago. The mail-in ballots have been a scheme from the beginning and the utilization of the corrupt Dominion Voter Systems machines isn’t happenstance.

Democrats have been pulling the strings but thanks to President Trump’s tenacity, it’s all coming to light now. The crooked left is not going to get away with stealing this election.

In Floyd County, Georgia, the Board of Elections voted Thursday to terminate its executive director, Robert Brady, after the elections officials made yet another discovery of hundreds of uncounted ballots.

Prior to his firing, the Secretary of State’s Office asked Floyd Chief of Elections Clerk Brady to resign after officials found uncounted votes, local Fox 5 reports.

The board held a special meeting that lasted for just over an hour Thursday afternoon, where it was decided that Brady would be fired. Officials cited two reprimands that occurred over the last six months as the reason for his firing.

The board, however, was not interested in calling it all for what it was, which is fraud. The board, instead, opted to call it “human error” and Rome City Commissioner Wendy Davis denied that the uncounted ballots were part of “some big fraud or conspiracy” insisting that “people make mistakes.”

Davis went on to say that “unfortunately” this particular “mistake” just so happens to “fall at the feet” of Brady as the elections director. Davis noted that she has been critical of Brady in the past.

The election officials discovered around 2,600 votes that had not been counted in the county’s earlier total this week during the statewide audit. This discovery resulted in election workers having to rescan more than 8,000 to get to the bottom of it.

“There weren’t the right double and triple checks right before certification to realize we hadn’t counted as many numbers as the people that early voted,” Davis asserted.

While both Democrats and Republicans believe firing Brady was the right move no one is admitting that the uncounted ballots were anything more than a simple mistake.

Well, lucky for the voters of Floyd County that there has been so much potential fraud surrounding the election that an audit was being done to begin with.

Surely, there were just honest mistakes being made all over the country. It just so happens they always seem to benefit Joe Biden. He must be the luckiest man to run for President literally ever.

Not only did more people vote for him than any other presidential candidate in US history in the “most secure” election in history but he has managed to come out the winner anytime a “mistake” has been made. Not to mention the 18 out of 19 bellwether counties he miraculously proved wrong that went to President Trump.

Biden should really consider playing the lottery with that kind of luck.

Copyright 2020.


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  2. By the way we live in a small county in Nebraska that just happens to have maximum security prison. Now they want to call us the number 1 county for coronavirus infection cases in Nebraska. The only problem is they are counting the people locked up in prison as being in normal society. To push lock downs. And I am sure all these buricrats all over the country are doing it even lincoln Ne.

  3. I believe corona virus was weponized by China and Joe and Hunter biden to destroy Trump’s reelection. They had no shot to remove him with the American Country skyrocketing economy. Biden sold out our Country for his cokehead sons cash. The Dems and many others were on the edge of being exposed. They had no choice and sadly I believe more than a few republican big names are involved. God Bless America!

  4. If there is an ounce of room to cheat you can be sure the democRATic party will cheat. This recount needs to be done in such a way that no cheating will be allowed and the people will see the results that should have been. Check machines and allow no one to touch them but voters. Shield them so no one can hack electronically into them. If possible make all people that can vote in person do so. Sure some cheating will occur but need to watch very very closely!. Will just about guaranteed you Trump will be victorious and not by a small amount!

  5. I would like to know how the Georgia senate election run offs are going to be orchestrated. Are we going to be using the same glitch producing machines and the same volunteers who are suppose to be checking signatures and throwing out illegal ballots???? I have not heard anyone discussing this but it is very concerning to me. Am I alone with my concern???

    • Beck, you are equivalent to one of Hitler’s henchmen. You are that evil, and a being a guard at Auschwitz wouldn’t have been as violent as you would have wanted.

    • JusticeforTrump: You are either corrupt scum or just plain ignorant – it doesn’t really matter any to us as your opinion is less than worthless!

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  7. Those who committed this VOTER FRAUD should be LOCKED UP in FEDERAL PRISON . . . PERMANENTLY. One Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  8. for someone that never left the basement and couldn t get more than 8 people at hs rallty he sure come up wiith alt those votes . He also doesn t know where he is half the time. Tell me why would people vote for a man thats going to raise taxes, take your guns,and spemd 9 trillon dollars on climate change make you quit driving your car.You people have no idea what socialism is. As Nancy Pelosi said lie cheat what ever it takes Joe Biden will be president.And not only that all his buddies will not even give him a month ot two until they have him out of there a because hes not able be presdent and then Obama will be calling the shots beccause Kamala is intimadated by him
    e Biden

  9. I most definitely think this election was rigged, there was no “human error “, this was intentionally and maliciously perpetrated and planned for months if not years in the making. It is sad that the Democratic Party has come to this, they can not win an honest election, they are simply pathetic!!!

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