Democrat Party Morphing Into Frankenstein

(PCC)Dr. Frankenstein’s aspirations were to revive dead tissue and resurrect loved ones. However, instead of restoring the soul to the realm of the living, his endeavor resulted in the creation of a monstrous being, and not just any ordinary monster! The creation he made was substantial, formidable, and perilous, which accentuates the direction the Democrat Party has decided to take.

While the fictional tale of Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1816 it morbidly describes the path the Democrat Party has chosen.  The Democrat Party has experienced a significant transformation in the realm of politics. Once a stronghold of traditional viewpoints, it has now transformed into a platform for extreme  and perilous ideologies, with a clear agenda to undermine the fundamental pillars of our society.

Times have changed, as Democrats no longer prioritize the concerns of working-class Americans or strive for bipartisan progress. Instead, there has been a shift towards a monstrous mindset, one  places a greater emphasis on formidable power rather than thoughtful leadership, and an unwavering commitment to dangerous ideology rather than practical problem-solving.

The origins of this shift can be traced back to the turbulent decades of the 1960s and 1970s, when a strong anti-establishment sentiment swept across the country. The Vietnam War and the civil rights movement were pivotal moments in history  brought about significant social change.

However, these events also gave rise to reanimators who sought not just reform, but reanimate dead political flesh. In other words, from the dead flesh of Communism and Fascism these reanimators created a monster sewed together with a thread of democracy being interwoven with lifeless tissue of the past and then infusing this lifeless monstrosity with the needed blood of dictators and the life-giving resources of confused billionaires.   Thus the monster became a living  abomination.

This newly created abomination found a place within the Democrat Party, where it gradually gained influence, driven by concentrated dozes of Saul Alinsky’s doctrine of community organizing and Marxist principles. Figures such as Hillary Clinton, who once followed the teachings of Alinsky, now represent this emerging group of Democrats – strategic, driven by ideology, and unabashedly ambitious.

However, their objectives extend beyond mere political influence. Democrats have embraced a global perspective, seeing the erosion of national sovereignty as an unavoidable and potentially beneficial outcome. They perceive themselves as the creators of life, fleshing a fresh global creature, where long-standing principles and establishments are replaced by a consortium of Frankenstein technocratic leaders.

This new version of the Democrat Party is characterized by its support for identity politics and social justice activism. However, despite its claims of progressivism, it curiously avoids addressing real injustices, like the growing anti-Semitism on college campuses or the diminishing of free speech, clearly displaying its reanimated dead tissue of fascism.

The Democrat Party’s shift away from its traditional supporters is apparent in its lack of attention to the issues faced by working-class Americans, who have been overlooked in the push for globalization and technological progress. Instead of providing practical solutions, Democrats often rely on vague statements, while prioritizing the concerns of their affluent contributors and corporate associates.

The implications of this transformation are concerning. The Democrat Party has undergone significant reanimation. On one hand they march for women’s rights but embrace and even protect men posing as women to dislodge highly achieving women who have earned the right to compete. The Democrat Party on one hand demands abortion of all and unlimited but welcome breeders across the southern border. But it doesn’t stop there. Their Frankenstein operating system oozes into every aspect of life in America, transforming ‘for the people and by the people’ into the dead remains of a lost people.


Final Word: “……….but who can stop Frankenstein?”



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