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Finally: The Future Of Brexit Is Looking Good After Trump-Johnson Meeting At G7

(Tea Party PAC) - Donald Trump and his British counterpart Boris Johnson, the new prime minister of the UK, have predicted “fantastic mini-deals” and “a very big trade deal” following their meeting on Brexit...

Does Biden’s Latest Humiliating Gaffe Prove He’s Entirely Unfit To Run?

(Tea Party PAC) - I think it’s time for Sleepy Uncle Joe to give it a rest. The self-proclaimed “gaffe machine” can’t stop making blunders, and they’re getting worse by the minute, calling into...

Spineless! You Won’t Believe Where Anthony “Judas” Scaramucci Was Just Spotted!

(Tea Party PAC) - In case you missed it, Anthony Scaramucci, who served as White House communications director for an entire 11 days, has recently gone full anti-Trump. As we reported recently, he’s even...

Breaking: Here’s Who Just Decided To Run Against Trump For GOP Nomination In 2020

(Tea Party PAC) - And just like that, we’ve got a RINO in the running. Until Sunday, no one in the GOP had decided to step forward and put themselves in the incredibly unpopular place...

Sick: Heinous Race-Based Crimes In New York City Show Everything Wrong With Today’s Liberals

(Tea Party PAC) - This week, New York police arrested 33-year-old Todd Lyons and charged him with three counts of hate crimes assault. What were his particular “hate crimes” you may ask? Well, what if...

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