Will Trump Survive Prison

(PCC)Progressives would like nothing better than have a prison riot break when Trump arrives to serve his prison sentence. During the riot many prisoners will not be accounted for, crude weapons will be used and untold death and dismemberment could occur, will Trump be safe?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is preparing Rikers Island penitentiary for imprisoning former president however legitimate concerns about his safety, well-being, and the broader implications for the justice system if he were to serve time in that notorious prison.

Merchan, presiding over the case, found Trump in contempt of court for repeatedly violating a gag order  was put in place to prevent him from publicly discussing trial matters. This increase in judicial action, resulting in fines amounting to $10,000, highlights the seriousness of Trump’s legal situation and the court’s commitment to enforcing its orders.

Will Trump be placed in solitary confinement? Will New York City Mayor Eric Adams demand Trump be placed in a strait jacket (for the safety of the other prisoners) for days on end? Will the Jeff Epstein assassination team give Trump a warm welcome party?

First and foremost is the issue of Trump’s personal safety. Given his controversial political legacy, Trump’s presence in a correctional setting is likely to elicit strong reactions from fellow inmates, with some expressing admiration and others showing animosity. Rikers Island continues to be a place of instability, where tensions have the potential to escalate rapidly, despite recent reform efforts.

Will Trump be raped and castrated like other prisoner have been in the past? The possibility of Trump coming into contact with individuals who are critical of him, whether because of his political beliefs or the nature of the accusations against him, raises valid concerns about his personal safety.

In addition, the fact Trump is a former president and well-known public figure brings about distinct security concerns. While every effort will likely be made to ensure his safety, the logistics of protecting an individual of such high prominence within a prison setting are quite challenging. With the potential implementation of more surveillance and security measures, the strain on resources and personnel would be considerable if Trump were to be accommodated at Rikers Island and without a doubt mistake will be made. Ops!

In addition to security concerns, it is important to consider Trump’s mental and emotional well-being. Adjusting to a life of limited freedom and confinement can be a significant psychological hurdle, especially for individuals who are accustomed to having considerable influence and privilege. The potential impact of incarceration on an individual’s mental health, including feelings of isolation, loss of autonomy, and the associated stigma, should not be underestimated. These factors have the potential to significantly affect one’s psychological well-being, potentially worsening pre-existing vulnerabilities or even giving rise to new psychological challenges.

Will New York City Mayor Eric Adams put Trump in crowded gang cells? Will Trump be with the general population?  In the broader context, the possibility of Trump serving time at Rikers Island brings up important concerns regarding fairness in the legal system and the responsibility of those in positions of power. No matter where one stands politically or what they think of Trump, the idea of a former president potentially going to prison holds an extreme negative symbolic significance.

As the legal proceedings against Trump continue, the potential for his imprisonment becomes increasingly significant, with wide-ranging implications  extend well beyond his individual future. From various concerns about security and safety to the pressing questions of justice and accountability, the possibility of Trump being incarcerated compels us to face challenging realities of if the ‘People’ are going to stand for this atrocity of justice.

Will Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and the Bidens ‘make sure’ Trump gets a warm welcome to his cell and make sure he won’t see the light of day again?

Final Word: :You cell is waiting Mr. Trump and we have plenty of your friends who want to say ‘Hi’”.   Never forget, they are not after Trump, they are after you, Trump is just in the way!



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