2024 Top Issues – What Are Yours?

(PCC)Bigshot experts love to hear themselves bloviate nothingness while filling Washington and most of America with their important sounding hot air, but fail to understand the needs of grassroots America.

Here is a compilation of what they think the top 7 issues are going to be in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

After reading them, please tell the world what your top issues are!


  1. Social Security and Medicare dilemma is a time bomb threatens our nation’s finances. These overburdened entitlement programs, meant to protect the most vulnerable, have become unsustainable, burdening hard-working people.

President Biden’s State of the Union address again showed Democrats and Republicans’ significant ideological gap on Social Security and Medicare. The heated argument has been fueled by Republicans’ insistence on cutting spending and the nation’s rising debt ceiling. President Biden blatantly attacked Republicans for proposing reforms to address low eligibility rules to protect these vital programs in his presentation.

  1. Education and Parents’ Rights are serious and need prompt attention. It is well known our school system needs overhaul.

Candidates for the 2024 Republican nomination have focused on criticizing the current educational curriculum and protecting parents’ rights.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a brave leader in opposing divisive views in education. He rejected an Advanced Placement course on African American studies to resist the left’s identity politics and revisionist history.

America must protect children’s minds from radical ideas that want to undermine our shared values and traditions. Governor DeSantis has shown his dedication to a well-rounded education  values meritocracy, individualism, and objective truth by rejecting this course.

The left’s outrage over this decision reveals their actual goals. They utilize education to promote their political goal rather than creating an environment Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has bravely defended education against critical race theory. He staunchly supports parental involvement in education and demands greater transparency and accountability in school curriculum selections.

  1. Abortion, a divided and contentious issue. Democrats cynically used abortion’s divisiveness to win the November midterms. Abortion debates will resurface in the highly anticipated Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign. The court will decide Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion legislation, which has divided pro-life and pro-choice advocates. Does a woman have the right to declare: “My Body My Rights” If so, then does this apply to forced government vaccines and government sterilization?
  2. Foreign policy is essential to every nation’s government. The unexpected discovery of a Chinese surveillance balloon above several American states has ignited heated arguments about our response to China’s assertive foreign policy. Democrats and Republicans have rightly expressed their dismay at the slow reaction to this looming threat.

Additionally, serious issues like the Ukraine crisis will dominate foreign policy discussions. Republicans are worried about the amount of U.S. security aid to the former Soviet Union after the Russian incursion.

  1. Illegal Alien Invasion Crisis: A National Security Risk Immigration has become a contentious issue in recent years. Republicans remain focused on the open border dilemma and uncontrolled invasion on the southern border.

The long-awaited first hearing of the year by the House Judiciary Committee addressed “The Biden Border Crisis.” The number of interactions on the southern border rose to 250,000 in December, putting the Biden administration under tremendous scrutiny for its poor immigration policy.

This alarming rise in illegal border crossings has shown the current administration’s immigration policy shortcomings, making Americans understandably anxious about our nation’s security and sovereignty. Title 42, appropriately enacted during the Trump administration, adds much-needed nuance to the discussion.

  1. LGBTQ Debate and Traditional Values: Conservative Views LGBTQ concerns have been more popular in recent years. Recently, the Republican Party has boldly supported LGBTQ-related legislation. Important problems include gender-affirming care, transgender sports participation, and gender identity and sexual orientation education in schools.

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law and South Dakota’s potential legislation to restrict transgender youth’s access to gender-affirming care demonstrate the Republican Party’s dedication to traditional values and protecting society from radical social agendas.

  1. Crime is growing exponentially and requires immediate attention. Republicans are openly emphasizing crime’s impact on key 2018 races. Crime was critical to Republicans’ victory in key House districts and majority status. Candidates are expected to emphasize crime prevention and criminal justice reform amid rising law and order debates.


But what are your top issues?

The so-called ‘top bigshots’ are conveniently sidestepping crucial matters such as the alarming inflation rates, the disastrous Climate Change agenda, the troubling endorsement of anti-Semitism in educational institutions, reckless government spending, the ever-expanding bureaucracy, and the pardoning of the January 6th political prisoners.

And the list goes on, exposing the glaring omissions of these supposed ‘important issues.’

There is so money more issue which must be addressed,  including safeguarding individual liberties, defending the sanctity of life, promoting fiscal responsibility, upholding traditional values, and preserving the integrity of our Constitution.

But what are your top issues?





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