Biden Claims Trump Is A Cannibal! Take The Quiz And Find Out!

(PCC)Yup, just the time you thought the left ran out of names to call us, Sleep Joe comes up with a new one! Congratulations, we are now: Nazi’s, Smelly Walmart Shoppers, Deplorables, Racists, Toxic Cult Members and of course our new favorite Cannibals!


This is not a joke. Here is the video:

During a recent campaign stop at the United Steelworkers Headquarters in Pittsburgh, President Joe Biden made a surprising correlation regarding the fate of his uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, whose plane was lost during World War II. Biden claimed Finnegan’s body was never located because of the existence of cannibals in the jungles of New Guinea and Trump!

Why else would the President of the United States tell a cannibal story while on the campaign trial? Is Biden telegraphing he expects Trump to consume helpless citizens at an ‘all you can eat’ victory orgy if Trump wins? Is Biden drawing parallels between how he and the democrat Party is being eating alive by Trump and the MAGA’s at the polls? Or is Joe simply saying vote for me so Trump doesn’t eat your children?


Biden claimed his uncle; “He was shot down in New Guinea,” Biden asserted. “And the body was never discovered due to the presence of numerous cannibals in particular region of New Guinea.”

Wait a minute! If Trump is the ……..(wait for it)……..’Head Cannibal’ then what does this make us MAGA’s? Cannibals in training? Cannibal ‘want-a-bee’s’?

Biden’s surprising anecdote quickly caught people’s attention, not only for its sensational nature but also for its deviation from official records. According to Pentagon records, Finnegan’s plane, an A-20 Havoc, crashed on May 14, 1944, during a courier flight to New Guinea, contradicting the narrative put forth by Biden.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) states the crash happened due to “unknown reasons” and the aircraft was “forced to ditch in the ocean off the north coast of New Guinea.”

In contrast to Biden’s assertions about his uncle’s plane being “shot down,” the DPAA states the engines experienced a failure at a low altitude, resulting in a forceful impact of the plane’s nose with the water.

Unfortunately, three individuals, including Ambrose Finnegan, did not survive the sinking wreckage and were lost in the crash. Surprisingly, a crew member managed to survive and was rescued by a passing barge, offering a firsthand account challenges Biden’s narrative.

Biden’s tendency to exaggerate and his famous quote about prioritizing truth over facts highlight the need for careful examination when assessing his statements. The claim Finnegan’s disappearance was due to cannibalism is unsupported and promotes stereotypes about indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea.

But why would Joe make such a cannibal statement?

Take the quiz below!

Joe Compared Trump To A Cannibal Because:

a. Biden feels he’s being eaten alive by Trump and his tribe of MAGA cannibals
b. Biden wants to capture the ‘Cannibal Vote’
c. Biden is afraid if he loses he will become ‘dinner’
d. All of the above

Answer in the comments below   (bon appetit)


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