Dems Planning To Epstein Trump

(PCC)It has been reported by many sources assassins broke into a maximum-security prison and assassinated Jeffrey Epstein disguising his death as a suicide, if this is true, then what’s to stop them from doing the same to Trump? Nothing!

The future of Trump’s Secret Service protection is now uncertain, reflecting the larger concerns about government accountability, power, and the rule of law.

The bigger question is: Do the Dems already know the outcome of all Trump’s trials and are preparing for his incarceration and then his elimination?

Has America come to this?

The new technique of eliminating political opponents appears to have taken root in the Democrat Party. Not only do they seek and destroy the opposition through lawfare but now if a political problem can be incarcerated and their bodyguards and protection removed then the target becomes a sitting duck! In other words an ‘Epstein’.

Does this sound like Nazi Germany or perhaps Communist China or the Soviet Union? Think again this new weapon of dealing with political opposition has now found its way into mainstream politics and will soon be the weapon of choice for winning elections! Why defeat someone at the polls when the opponent never makes it to the polls because they had an unfortunate accident or was a victim of a crazed and drugged up lunatic!

Set in motion. A bill has been introduced by House Democrats that could potentially have a significant impact on former President Donald Trump’s legal battles. If passed, the bill would remove Secret Service protection from individuals convicted of felonies and facing prison sentences. Labeled as the “DISGRACED” Act, the proposed legislation has sparked intense controversy, prompting discussions about potential consequences for Trump’s personal well-being in the event of imprisonment.

The bill, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., aims to automatically remove Secret Service protection for individuals who have been convicted of federal or state felonies with a minimum one-year prison term. Trump, currently facing a multitude of legal challenges, finds himself at the center of this intense legislative battle.

Thompson’s reasoning for the bill is evident: to ensure that Secret Service resources do not hinder the administration of justice. Given the numerous felony charges against Trump in both federal and state courts, including allegations of campaign finance violations and attempts to subvert the 2020 election, there is a significant concern about the potential clash between his protective detail and the criminal justice system.

The lack of prior experience in handling Secret Service protection for a convicted individual presents logistical hurdles requiring a legislative solution. The bill seeks to proactively tackle these concerns, guaranteeing that no preferential treatment shields Trump or any other protectee from facing the full extent of their legal consequences.

However, the implications go well beyond mere bureaucratic alignment. Skeptics worry removing Secret Service protection from Trump if he is convicted could potentially put him at serious security vulnerabilities, especially in a prison setting. The idea of a well-known prisoner, who has a divisive public image and many adversaries, facing the dangers of being in prison without the protection of armed guards is a situation filled with danger, rape and the possibly death.

Furthermore, there is much speculation about the possibility of Trump being placed under house confinement instead of traditional imprisonment, due to the challenges of ensuring the safety of a high-profile inmate. Nevertheless, the proposed bill aims to proactively tackle this issue, promoting a fair implementation of justice goes beyond factors like status or influence.

The timing of this legislative maneuver highlights the increased tensions surrounding Trump’s legal battles, as trials are on the horizon in New York, Georgia, Florida, and Washington D.C. Despite Trump’s strong denial of any wrongdoing, the possibility of facing legal consequences hangs over him, leaving a significant impact on his political reputation.

Final Word: It appears the Democrat Party has transformed from being a nuisance into a blood thirsty homicidal cabal of maniacal demons serving the dark lord of evil, rather than the servants of the people. I pray I’m wrong but why else are the Dems planning to strip Trump of his protection and trap him in a prison filled with rapists, murders, and assassins?

Because that’s what their dark lord has commanded.



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