America People May Have No Country

(PCC)The November election will either return the America people back to the road of ‘for the people and by the people’ or disinherit the citizenry from their native land.

Either the November election will bring the American people back to the path of “for the people and by the people,” or the citizens will be disinherited and become a transient in their own land.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is simply the test case and if the progressive cabal succeeds then all dissenting voices will be silenced and prosecuted for felonious crimes against the states. Thus, the very government designed to serve and protect morphs into a Frankenstein monster consuming its citizens and devouring the vast resources owned by We the People!

After reviewing Donald Trump’s legal troubles, a concerning narrative arises which goes beyond the individual and raises important questions about the American justice system. The allegations against Trump, lack a crucial element of fairness: concrete evidence directly linking him to criminal activities. Instead, America is witnessing a troubling trend of using ‘eccentric charges’ as a means to undermine influence and suppress any dissent against the progressive left’s agenda.

Is it justifiable to pursue legal action based solely on verbal statements, without any accompanying concrete actions?

It seems the fundamental principle of American jurisprudence, which upholds the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, is currently facing significant challenges.

However, if the progressives can create a new system of laws predicated upon ‘guilt by accusation’ then the justice system of the past is nullified and without value, thereby paving the road to serfdom for all those who will not lick the boots of their masters.

The prosecution’s heavy reliance on circumstantial evidence highlights the potential dangers associated with eccentric charges. In a Republic which values free speech and expression, the criminalization of political discourse is concerning and establishes a worrisome precedent leading to a disenfranchised society.

The distortion of justice for the sake of political convenience undermines the fundamental principles of our Republic.

A growing choir of Patriots voicing disapproval of government institutions and electoral processes has sparked strong opposition from the progressive cabal, resulting in conservatives being heavily criticized and facing legal consequences.

The erosion of individual rights signals a wider attack on constitutional liberties, encompassing the freedom of speech and association. The MAGA movement which grew out of the Tea Party and the Minutemen before them, represent consort of strong voices of opposition against established power structures, is encountering determined attempts to undermine its impact and silent Patriots who only desire the government be fair and constitutional.

Final Word: The strength of our Republic is upheld by the watchfulness and determination of its people, who must stand against any efforts to undermine the principles of justice and stifle differing opinions. It is essential for all Patriots to remain steadfast and resilient in order to overcome challenges and win the battle against tyranny. If We the People do not succeed in protecting the Republic then we will be the America People Without Country.



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