Bidens Bizarre Booby-Traps To Stop Trump

(PCC)Biden administration is working feverishly to rush through off-the-wall regulations as fast as possible.  In a whirlwind of activity, the Biden administration is focused on swiftly implementing a series of strange and bizarre federal regulations, indicating a sense of urgency before a crucial election.

In just the past week, the administration has written and is forcing passing over 37 new rules and finalized 56 regulations already!  These actions are expected to impose an additional significant financial burden of $875.3 billion on businesses.

This extensive regulatory effort has garnered attention not only for its significant quantity but also for its well-planned timing. According to The Washington Times, the administration’s urgency is driven, in part, by concerns over the potential reemergence of former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

The administration has quickly implemented a range of off-the-wall regulations encompassing draconian healthcare regulation, impossible environmental protection laws, strange labor limitations, and extreme and impossible energy emissions standards, just to name a few.

Outrageous requirements encompass minimum staffing levels for nursing homes which receive Medicare and Medicaid funding, bizarre emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, and extreme guidelines for retirement investment advisers.

The Biden administration is moving quickly with its regulatory steamroller due to concerns  a change in political power could jeopardize its policy goals. Given the potential for a Trump victory and the Republicans maintaining control of the House majority, numerous Biden regulations could be impossible to repeal!

The current administration, fully cognizant of this vulnerability, has strategically employed executive actions and regulatory reversals to counteract policies implemented during the Trump administration. However, there is a significant concern about a potential reversal, which has led to a rush to establish as many regulations as possible before the possibility of a change in the political climate.

Final Word: Biden is poisoning the well and booby-trapping Washington in the event Trump is elected. A quagmire of Biden laws and regulations could be insurmountable to overcome and repealing all these Frankenstein regulations impossible.

Now who is destroying democracy?


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