Are sleeper-cells about to wake?

Patriot Command Center Member has made a disturbing discovery! Read this article and tell the rest of us if this member is right or just another one of those tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists!

(Member’s name withheld for security purposes)

Alarm bells are going off but few are listening! Unchecked entry of millions of undocumented , nameless, faceless people entering America over the southern border has become an invasion but of whom?

People with no documents, I.D. and no history, blank slates, and no references.

The progressive enlightened gurus have been peddling their hype of “they only come here to work” for far too long and now America has awakened to the fact America may be filling up with saboteurs, terrorists, and foreign combatants!

Soon to be impeached Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources stated, a significant number of individuals have crossed the Southwest border undetected in the past several months.

This is code talk for ‘Got-Aways’ and the estimate is well over 2 million unknown persons.

In addition, it is estimated  there are currently over 31 million individuals living in the U.S. without legal immigration status, with a significant portion of them being completely undocumented, untraceable, and untrackable.

There is deep apprehension about the likelihood these undisclosed millions may include individuals with nefarious intentions, operating anonymously without any identifiable data or documented backgrounds.

It is crucial to acknowledge these worries, especially considering significant historical events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which were carried out by only 19 individuals but had a massive impact on the nation.

BTW – the 911 terrorist also snuck across the US border to get into America.

Terrorist attacks are not limited to flying airplanes into building they can come in many forms.

The secret is out! Contributing to the worry is the disclosure of a possible cyber threat originating from China. There are reports indicating  the Chinese government is allegedly planning a significant cyber operation, which includes a campaign known as ‘Volt Typhoon’  aims to overwhelm systems in the United States.

The scenario presents a concerning image of multiple disruptions occurring simultaneously across various essential infrastructures, such as pipelines, telecommunications, water supply, transportation, and more.

However, instead of these attacks originating from China they are within the US, against the US with the sole purpose in destabilizing America’s infrastructure.

Worry grows as the U.S. border continues to appear wide-open and unchecked, increasing the potential for terrorists and saboteurs to enter the country. There have been claims made about the potential threat posed by a significant number of individuals who are believed to have infiltrated the United States. It is suggested  their motives may involve targeting critical infrastructure. There is concern about potential acts of sabotage targeting critical infrastructure such as the electrical grid, water supplies, food processing plants, oil and chemical refineries, railways, and highways.

All of these targets will affect every US citizen, yes, YOU!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strong belief  disrupting the U.S. electrical grid could have severe consequences is cause for worry. The potential inclusion of electromagnetic pulse weapons carried by balloons raises additional concerns.

Furthermore, there are concerns regarding the potential release of murderers and violent criminals from prisons in over 70 countries, which adds to the increasing sense of unease.

Think this is balderdash cranked out by a confused paranoid member of the Patriot Command Center? Then how do you explain this?

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Final Word: What if our member is right? They somehow got a hold of information that is now being displayed on many media outlets! If this is true then prepare for a war inside America committed by sleeper-cells, protected by law enforcement and loved by progressive Democrats!

This is tin-foil hat conspiracy theory?……………think again.





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