Biden, Apologies To Illegals For Calling Them Illegal

Of all the goof-ball half-assed things to do is to be embarrassed for speaking the truth! Get this. President Biden expressed regret for using calling illegals ‘illegal’ to refer to the individual responsible for Laken Riley’s death.

President Joe Biden sparked controversy during his recent State of the Union speech by using the term “illegal” to describe the murder suspect of Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student. The aftermath of this statement has sparked heated debate and criticism from various political viewpoints.

Last month, Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at Augusta University in Georgia, sadly passed away on the University of Georgia campus. The individual, Jose Ibarra, originates from Venezuela and has a record of legal violations in various states. His lack of legal documentation, emphasized by President Biden’s choice of words, has stirred up debate.

Some believe  Biden’s choice of words correctly represents Ibarra’s immigration status, while others, especially those on the left, criticize it as dehumanizing language. The debate centers on whether such language devalues the worth of individuals who are undocumented immigrants.

President Biden made an error during his speech by mistakenly referring to Laken Riley as “Lincoln Riley” and fumbling her name again. In the midst of the chaos, Biden’s reaction to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s protest only made the situation worse. His puzzling comment regarding the amount of killings by individuals who are in the country legally only served to escalate the situation.

Following criticism from Democratic Rep. Delia Remirez and others, Biden sought to clarify his position in an MSNBC interview by expressing regret for using the term “illegal” and choosing “undocumented” instead. Nevertheless, his comments did not alleviate the worries of numerous individuals.

During a recent campaign event in Georgia, former President Donald Trump criticized President Biden’s approach to the situation. Trump’s speech, highlighting the impact of Laken Riley’s death and linking it to Biden’s immigration policies, deeply connected with his followers.

The Riley family’s attendance at Trump’s rally emphasized the emotional significance of the issue. Many Americans resonated with Trump’s statement  Laken would still be alive today if not for Biden’s immigration policies, especially those who support strict border security measures.

Trump’s strong criticism of Biden’s actions highlights the significant partisan split on immigration policy in the United States. While some see Biden’s approach as compassionate and necessary, others consider it reckless and ultimately harmful to American citizens.

Final Word: Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, jumps our fence like a duck, illegally enters like a duck, then don’t you dare call it a duck!


It is a newly arrived foreign temporary guest with non-legal status!

NOT     A     DUCK!



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