Biden Humiliated On World Stage By Iran

(PCC)When Biden learned of Iran’s pending attack on Israel he gathered his courage and squeaked his warning of ‘don’t’ believing Iran would coward in fear, shaking in their boots and bow to the all-powerful Biden! But, now after todays action by Iran, Biden is rethinking his harsh word!

However, just hours later after ‘the mighty Biden warning’ Iran attacked Israel with brutal force using suicide drones and some reports included ballistic missiles as well targeting strategic locations in Israel.

After hearing ‘don’t’ from Biden Iran initiated an assault on Israel in a massive proportion. The rapid increase in intensity follows heightened tensions after an alleged Israeli attack targeting seven Iranian military personnel, including two high-ranking officers, in Syria.

Biden’s message to Iran, delivered to reporters on Thursday, was viewed as weak and brittle without teeth lacking in tenacity and appeared to humor Tehran as they continued its attack on Israel.

Biden had firmly stated: “don’t”, emphasizing America’s steadfast support for Israel’s defense. Nevertheless, the unfolding events revealed a harsh truth: “don’t” may not be enough in the complex world of strong men and geopolitics.

The White House, taken by surprise and shocked at Iran’s open defiance of the stern warning of “don’t,” by Biden and sent the White House staff into a flurry!

Biden, who had been intending to take a leisurely weekend break in Rehoboth Beach, suddenly returned to Washington in a huff, miffed he couldn’t be at the beach working on his tan!

There were speculations Biden could potentially address the nation from the Oval Office in order to provide reassurance to both Americans and the international community and affirm he is not a wuss and will take additional action. Unfortunately, his handlers crushed any expectations for such an address shielding Joe from any media questions. But Jill Biden stepped in and declared Joe will have no more official activities for the rest of the day.

Many Patriots swiftly criticized Biden’s approach to dealing with Iran, portraying it as a demonstration of vulnerability on the global platform. Cliff Sims, a prominent commentator, expressed his strong criticism of Biden on social media, claiming  the reversal of previous policies has had a concerning impact on Iran. Sims argues  the actions of the current administration have unintentionally contributed to Iran’s aggressive behavior, resulting in the precarious situation in the Middle East.

Morgan Ortagus, a commentator with a conservative perspective, shared similar views, emphasizing Biden’s choice to let UN sanctions on Iran’s drones and ballistic missiles lapse. Ortagus asserted  the current weaponry posing a concern for Israel had been facilitated by Biden’s policies, which has only heightened the criticism aimed at the administration.

Meanwhile, individuals from various political backgrounds, such as Donald Trump Jr., took the chance to compare Biden’s approach to the situation with the stellar effectiveness of the Trump administration.

As the situation continues to develop, there are lingering questions about the effectiveness of Biden’s approach towards Iran and the broader implications for America’s foreign policy. Biden has become very concerned that he doesn’t insult Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khameneh known as Ali Khamenei, the spiritual and government leader of Iran or enflame Ebrahim Raisi the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Supreme Leader.

Obviously Biden warning of “don’t,” was misinterpret as a bad word of insult by the Islamic Republic leaders. No doubt Biden may express his heartfelt apology for using such an abrasive and racist term. At this point the Biden handlers are mulling the possibility of a Biden Apology Tour.

Jill was not available for comment.



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