Biden Team ‘Bed-Wetting’

(PCC)It’s not what you are thinking…..or is it!? Kamala Harris is not only a ‘wet-blanket’ to the Democrat Party but now she has infected the White House bunch as well with her lackluster persona reducing them to bed-wetters.

Recent whispers behind closed doors and within the Democrat Party have brought attention to increasing frustrations with what some are labeling as excessive complaints originating from the inner circles of President Biden’s administration. Coined by political strategist David Plouffe during the Obama era, the term refers to expressions of doubt or excessive worry about political outcomes, and it seems to have resurfaced as a point of contention within the current political landscape.

Prominent Democrats are starting to feel marginalized by the Biden campaign, leading to a sense of being ignored and worried about their party’s chances in the upcoming 2024 elections. Reports indicate that Vice President Harris has been consulting with prominent Democrats to gather advice on the upcoming Biden-Harris reelection campaign, causing some party members to feel nauseous about their issues not being properly acknowledged.

The term “bed-wetting” has its roots in psychological comparisons, linking political anxiety to the loss of control that children may experience at night. It is often used to describe an exaggerated response, anxiety, or feeling of being inundated in the political sphere.

“The concerns about the future are becoming tiresome for many,” commented one person who met with Vice President Harris, reflecting the feelings of numerous Democrats who are feeling bilious about the party’s direction.

Nevertheless, employing “bed-wetting” as a rhetorical device has sparked debate. While it may help to alleviate what some consider to be exaggerated fears or premature reactions, it can also come across as dismissive or belittling of valid concerns.

Some individuals believe dismissing differing opinions within the party as “bed-wetters” diminishes the range of perspectives crucial for healthy political discussions. Furthermore, there is a possibility of distancing individuals who believe their issues are not being taken seriously or are being made to seem unimportant.

In today’s political landscape, amidst uncertainty and division, the choice of language such as “bed-wetting” highlights deeper rifts within the Democrat Party. As discussions persist internally, it is uncertain how party leaders will handle the valid concerns of their members amidst the challenges of governance and electoral planning.

Final Word: Bed-wetting may be the proper way to express the ineptitude of Kamala Harris and the negative impact she has on the Democrat Party. Whatever term is used to describe V.P. Harris; wither is it ‘plugged toilet’  Puke Party or Bedwetting it all adds up to the same sum: She is mentally destroying the Democrat Party simply by waking up every morning. …..All I can say is: G R E A T!


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