Biden To Step Down Or Step Aside

(PCC)So, the Dems wanted ‘anybody but Trump’ and they got him! A decrepit old failing man and a goofball Vice President has run America into the ground. Now, they are stuck with a worst dilemma, who can replace Sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris?

Trump and the MAGAs has gained significant momentum and appear to be a formidable force. Unless massive cheating is deployed by the Dems, Trump could wipe the floor with them!

However, in the 2020 election America was caught off-guard and couldn’t even image such a level of cheating, ballot mules, vote cooking and dead people voting but this time everyone is wise to their antics and are on the lookout!

Amid growing concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and economic policies, there are predictions from a top JPMorgan strategist  Biden may not run for re-election in 2024. Michael Cembalest, chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management, presented a timeline in the “Eye on the Market: Outlook 2024” report, indicating the possibility of Biden stepping down due to health concerns sometime between Super Tuesday and the November election.

Cembalests prediction raises questions about the Democratic Party’s contingency plan, as he suggested the possibility of the nomination being passed to a replacement candidate chosen by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This revelation is particularly significant given the current climate of internal criticism within the Democratic Party, as certain members voice their apprehensions regarding Biden’s age and suitability for a second term.

Despite Vice President Kamala Harris being considered a candidate, concerns have been raised about her approval ratings and perceived shortcomings, leading to doubts about her viability as a replacement.

A senior Democrat, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated, “There is no alternative plan.” If he were to unexpectedly withdraw from the race, it would likely lead to a wave of candidates entering the race. The Vice President does not instill fear in anyone and may create a attitude of confusion within the Democrat Party.

Although Cembalest presented his predictions as a display of unconventional thinking, it is hard to overlook the widespread recognition of Biden’s challenging re-election campaign and the internal concerns within the party. The potential for a replacement candidate named by the DNC introduces a level of unpredictability to the upcoming presidential race.

Several political commentators and Democratic strategists have expressed concerns about Biden’s candidacy, likening it to a serious emergency or a critical medical situation. There is a growing dissatisfaction within the party that has become evident to the public. Speculation has arisen about whether these concerns are part of a larger plan to prepare the public for a potential change in the Democratic nominee.

As the 2024 election season unfolds, the Democratic Party is facing a unique set of circumstances. They must navigate the potential for a last-minute change in their nominee and the challenge of presenting a united front against potential Republican contenders, including a notable figure from their past, former President Donald Trump. The stage is prepared for a political spectacle, with uncertainties hanging over the destiny of the Democratic ticket and the wider implications for the upcoming election.

Final Word: I am predicting in the month of ‘May’ Biden will drop out, either by choice or ‘by a sudden medical condition’. He will assign all his delegates to the new anointed one and thus he will extricate himself from a flame throwing campaign. Of course unless it goes through Presidential secession, then he will pardon himself, Hunter and all family members and many others with the last STROKE of his pen.

But who will replace him? I am guessing it will be Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and Michelle Obama as VP.  Great! A Dem ticket which spells: B.O. …..what could go wrong?

What do you think?


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