Biden Unveils Vaccine Against Misinformation! Conservatives About To Be Clobbered

(PCC)Biden regime has covertly developed, financed, and deployed a potent weapon against the American people and freedom of speech, conveniently timed to silence opposition in the 2024 election. NewsGuard, a deadly AI program, has been trained to specifically target Patriot news outlets for suppression, operating on what appears to be an unlimited budget. What could go wrong?

The federal government’s insidious practice of funding surrogates to monitor and control the internet, while simultaneously appointing themselves as the ultimate arbiters of truth, is a grave concern and demands immediate attention.

In a shocking exposé from the “Twitter Files,” it has been exposed  L. Gordon Crovitz, a former publisher at the esteemed Wall Street Journal, shamelessly advocated for the implementation of NewsGuard as a weapon of censorship in the hands of leftist media executives.

NewsGuard, the self-proclaimed “Vaccine Against Misinformation,” has unveiled its latest offering – an AI-powered tool designed to assist content moderation teams in swiftly identifying and evaluating content  may be deemed dangerous. This innovative solution utilizes hashtags and search terms to efficiently screen and filter out potentially harmful information.

NewsGuard’s approach, which deserves scrutiny, revolves around the troubling practice of directing readers towards official government sources. This is particularly concerning when it comes to issues like COVID-19, where reliance on federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control is prioritized. This approach, however, has ignited legitimate concerns among conservatives who fear the rise of censorship and the suppression of dissenting voices.

NewsGuard, the brainchild spearheaded by L. Gordon Crovitz and co-CEO Steven Brill, emerged with a clear objective: to exploit the internet’s transformation for financial gain. In a bold and unconventional move, this particular model takes the liberty of categorizing entire news sites as either safe or untrustworthy, employing a grading system known as “nutrition labels.”

However, it is important to note  these labels are determined by subjective criteria, raising concerns about the objectivity and reliability of such an approach. Skeptics contend  the ratings in question are nothing more than capricious determinations, favoring establishment media sources with lofty scores while unfairly downgrading independent or anti-establishment platforms like the Antiwar website, The Federalist and smaller sites like Patriot Command Center run by Tea Party Co-Founder Steven Eichler and the InforWar site with Alex Jones, to name a few.

NewsGuard, the controversial media watchdog, has come under intense scrutiny for its alarming collaboration with both government and corporate entities. One such collaboration  has raised eyebrows is its involvement in a Defense Department contract paying NewsGuard upward to 6 plus figures instruction them to aim at identifying so-called “false narratives” surrounding the Ukraine-Russia war. This partnership is sparking concerns among conservative activists who fear  NewsGuard’s involvement may compromise the integrity and impartiality of its fact-checking efforts.

The company’s BrandGuard tool, cunningly integrated by its largest investor Publicis Groupe, cleverly provides an “exclusion list” for advertisers, raising legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

Consortium News, a courageous and truth-seeking platform  fearlessly challenges the flawed U.S. foreign policy, has taken a bold step by filing a lawsuit against NewsGuard. This lawsuit accuses NewsGuard of trampling upon the sacred principles enshrined in the First Amendment and engaging in defamatory practices. The shocking revelation exposes NewsGuard’s involvement in a sinister pay-for-censorship agenda, especially in light of its recent Defense Department contract.

NewsGuard’s troubling association with intelligence services has come under intense scrutiny and warranted further criticism. NewsGuard, a supposedly trustworthy organization, has been collaborating with the Pentagon’s Cyber Command to combat disinformation.

However, many individuals remain skeptical about NewsGuard’s true intentions, fearing  it may serve as a covert tool for advancing government and corporate agendas.

The Daily Sceptic, a courageous publication fearlessly challenging the prevailing public-policy dogmas, has unfortunately fallen victim to the biased downgrading tactics employed by NewsGuard. The company’s feeble attempt to address the Daily Sceptic’s legitimate concerns only served to underscore their blatant bias, leaving us to question NewsGuard’s true dedication to upholding the principles of objective and unbiased journalism.

NewsGuard’s actions have ignited legitimate concerns among freedom-loving individuals regarding the possibility of censorship, the stifling of dissenting opinions, and the troubling conflicts of interest  arise from its corporate supporters. Without a doubt NewsGuard is shaping the narrative on the internet and has become a highly contentious player.

Final Word: The Biden Regime has approved and seemingly added unlimited funding for an AI driven machine to sourer the internet looking misinformation but oddly only targets conservative and patriotic websites and just in time to silent millions of citizen voices just before the 2024 election! ……does anyone smell a rat?


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