Bidenomics A Boom For Protected Class….but it’s not who you think

(PCC)Free housing, fresh clothing, warm blankets, 3 square hot means a day and in some cases full accommodations at a 5 Star Hotel including delicious no-change cash bars!

Who is this special protected class of blessed people?

  • Single Moms
  • War injured Veterans
  • Single men without jobs
  • Single parents with children
  • Homeless elderly
  • Families – homeless victims of crime


Who are they? What are their names? Where do they come from? Do they have deadly disease? Are they mass murders? Child Sex Offenders? Terrorist?

Who knows?

These are only some of the questions bypassed because they are not required to answer them, they are protected by Joe Biden ……..that’s why!

The tens of millions of protected class designees are nothing more than the protected Democrat Illegal Alien Horde and more are on their way!

The consequences of “sanctuary city” policies are becoming increasingly apparent. A massive horde of Illegal Aliens, benefiting from publicly-funded housing, form long lines stretching around corners and down streets , all waiting for their free hustle.

Due to the cities sanctuary policies, housing is guaranteed, allowing designees to re-apply and be re-housed if they wait in line. The line stretching around the corners and down streets has remained this long throughout the entire day, but the waiting masses are not worries because warm housing, hot meals and warm clothing is guaranteed to them and possibly for as long as they need it.

The cost of this housing scheme is still uncertain, but the crisis has already placed a significant burden of $30 billion on taxpayers. There has been a significant increase in the number of Illegal Aliens residing in sanctuary cities, but Mayors are not worried because they know the city’s residents will pay-up their tax dollars and stay silent or face the threat of being called a racist and haters of Democracy! ……or worse MAGA’s!

Mayors and Governors complain, but only to get media attention and more federal tax dollars!

Sanctuary cities like NYC & Chicago have experienced significantly less compared to the daily challenges faced by overwhelmed Texas border towns. Texas Governor Abbott stated in a recent interview: “We will persist in our transportation mission until there is a change in direction regarding the border policies implemented by the current administration.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has urged Congress and the federal government to provide financial assistance to address the increase in Illegal Aliens and to insure their welfare. Meanwhile, he strongly criticized Governor Abbott’s actions, describing them as “cruel and inhumane politics” … but fails to address how US Citizens are going hungry and freezing on his streets being displaced by foreign nationals having an Illegal Alien status.

As this situation continues to develop, it is unfortunate certain individuals, such as U.S. citizens, veterans, and single Moms, are being neglected and not receiving the support they deserve. It is a tragic reality many US citizens, particularly those facing financial hardships, are losing their lives while being homeless, and the shortage of body bags only exacerbates this heartbreaking situation. The jobs they once held have been filled by individuals who are not authorized to work in the country and receive government assistance.

Mayor Adams passionately appealed for federal and state aid to help resettle and provide full support for the tens thousands of Illegal Aliens arriving every week, stressing the importance of providing comfort and welfare for the new arrivals.

However, it raises questions: What if free housing was prioritized for U.S. veterans rather than non-U.S. citizens who have violated the law? (…..the Democrat Governors are silent)

As the cities deals with the repercussions of its sanctuary policies, a pressing question arises: Should taxpayer funds be spent on individuals who have violated the law sneaking into the US and continue to violate the law by staying in the US, or should these precious funds be allocated to assist disadvantaged US citizens, particularly those who have served their country with honor and courage?

The answer appears evident, however, the harsh reality continues to prevail on the streets of Democrat run sanctuary. Sanctuary cities across America are catering to the newly arrived Illegal Aliens as the newcomers evolve into the grand heights of being a protected class having a privileged status and enjoying a government blessed life, while vets, single Moms with children and homeless are demoted.

Final Word: Maybe, just maybe the voting public is waking up to the fact the Dems and most of the Rinos view US citizens are filthy worthless sub-humans not worthy of a warm blanket and a hot meal.

(If only we could all become Illegal Aliens and enjoy the rich blessings from the hand of our Dem-Masters!)


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