Calling All Patriots! New Powerful Weapon At Our Fingertips

(PCC)Calling All Patriots! New Powerful Weapon At Our Fingertips

Trump is being prosecuted for questioning the results of his Presidential election, now he has a new weapon to not only fight for his rights but also for the rights of all Americans!

In a significant ruling, True the Vote (TTV) has achieved a major triumph in a legal dispute against Fair Fight, which was led by Stacey Abrams, legal teams headed by Marc Elias, and the Biden Department of Justice.

The recent federal court ruling in the Northern District of Georgia, Case No. 2:20-cv-0302-SCJ, has not only strengthened TTV’s defense but also emphasized the importance of citizens’ ability to question voting processes without facing any form of retribution.

The legal dispute centered on TTV’s activities in December 2020, when the organization provided support to Georgia citizens in submitting elector challenges. These challenges were made in light of compelling data that suggested over 364,000 voters may have become ineligible due to changes in residency.

The federal court’s ruling affirmed the importance of citizens actively engaging in safeguarding election integrity, validating the efforts made by TTV.

Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, celebrated the ruling as a significant win for the fundamental right of all Americans to express their opinions and participate actively in the democratic process.

She expressed her viewpoint, emphasizing  the recent ruling serves as a strong message to those who seek to influence the direction of our country through legal tactics and coercion. We will not allow the voices of American citizens to be silenced.

Lead attorney Jake Evans expressed appreciation for the court’s ruling after a lengthy legal process and a two-week federal trial.

Judge Steven Jones issued a comprehensive defense verdict for all defendants, affirming the validity of eligibility challenges under Section 230 as a means to guarantee the accuracy of voter rolls. Evans saw the decision as a significant milestone and a validation of True the Vote’s mission.

Engelbrecht underscored the importance of the ruling, expressing, “This is a response to the hopes of dedicated citizens throughout America.” True the Vote is dedicated to upholding the integrity of elections and is eager to continue aiding citizens in their lawful endeavors to protect the democratic process. The court’s decision represents a notable advancement in enabling citizens to actively contribute to safeguarding the integrity of the electoral system without facing any form of retaliation.

The decision by the Georgia Court has far reaching effects and can be depended upon in future decisions under the legal doctrine of Stare Decisis.

The decision was based upon the residency status of voters and based upon records the court ruled residency is a determining factor for the validity of the votes.

Therefore, an opinion soon forth coming from Stephen Eichler JD, will ask an obvious question of the court and no doubt considered absurd by the radical left.

“Eichler’s fundamental argument states if residency is considered an important factor in determining a voter’s status, then it is necessary to remove deceased individuals who are still registered from the voter rolls.” The claim argues not only has the individual’s ability to vote ended, but their residency has also expired. Hence, it can be inferred those identified as non-residents must be removed from the voter rolls, resulting in their complete disqualification to exercise their voting rights.”

Eichler’s legal opinion will be released in a matter of weeks and should cause an outcry from the pro-dead voter mob on the left.

Final Word: No one is more ineligible because of residency than the dead. They have truly ‘moved-on’


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