Candace Owens Says Biden Has Dementia After Video Of His Angry Outburst Goes Viral!‏

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden, during a speech he gave in Pennsylvania last Friday, seemed to suddenly suffer from a bout of anger which led to him beginning to shout and yell.

According to The Western Journal, conservative commentator Candace Owens, who has a show with the Daily Wire, says this is yet another symptom pointing toward the cognitive decline of the current acting commander-in-chief.

Biden was delivering remarks concerning his child care plan at Mill 19 located in the city of Pittsburgh just before his rage-fueled outburst. Biden stated during the talk that he wanted to address the issue of families not being able to afford insulin for diabetic children.

“Imagine being the parent making the minimum wage or twice the minimum wage and having a child with Type 1 diabetes, knowing that if you can’t — and have no insurance — knowing if you cannot get that money for the insulin, your child might die,” Biden said.

It was around this time that he became visibly angry and then began to yell into the microphone.

“It strips you of your dignity, dammit!” he went on to rant. “Can you imagine looking at your child and you know what they need and not be able to do it?”

“Many of you have lost children. Many of you have seen — imagine,” Biden stated as he pounded the lectern. “It’s outrageous!”

Just to clarify, it’s not wrong for Biden or anyone else to be angry about the situation that is being described in this speech. He’s right when he says that no child should have to die because their parents or guardians cannot afford to purchase insulin.

What’s strange about the incident is how sudden and very out of place the anger seemed to be. To be upset about this situation is one thing, but to just start to yell into the microphone definitely seems to point to something cognitive going on, which was Owens’ point.

“This is dementia,” she tweeted on Friday. “Anybody who has ever seen a loved one suffer from it recognizes these outbursts. Jill Biden and the entire Democratic Party should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for having been willing to exercise elder abuse for power. They knew before he ran.”

“In July, psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed said Biden was showing classic symptoms of dementia,” the WJ report said.

“You get the feeling he’s almost just hanging on — which can be a feature of dementia,” Ahmed remarked.

“The Mayo Clinic lists both ‘inappropriate behavior’ and ‘agitation’ as symptoms of dementia, and Biden’s outburst could fall into both of these categories,” the report continued. “He has also displayed other symptoms, including memory loss and difficulty communicating.”

Even within the context of Biden’s outburst, it’s clear he lacks a fundamental understanding of his own policies.

Not long after taking office, Joe Biden actually hit the pause button on an executive order that was issued by President Donald Trump which helped deliver cheaper insulin and epinephrine to low-income patients.

“Biden later proposed a price cap for insulin in his Build Back Better Act, according to The Hill, but it only applied to people who had health insurance or were covered under Medicare,” the WJ report revealed.

“For those under 65 without health insurance, the price cap on insulin would not apply. In Biden’s hypothetical anecdote, he was talking about the uninsured parent of a young child, so that person would most likely not receive the benefit of the price cap,” the report added.

Again, it’s critical to note that Owens is not a doctor. It takes a medical professional to make an official diagnosis of dementia. However, the angry outburst on Friday is definitely concerning.

This report discussed how angry former President Barack Obama became after a medical doctor allegedly exposed a diagnosis of dementia for Joe Biden.

“When retired Navy admiral Ronny Jackson, who served as physician for three presidents including George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump, suggested that Biden just might need to undergo a cognitive exam, Obama reportedly lost it,” the piece stated.

Jackson actually administered this same exact test to President Trump, who ended up passing it with flying colors, getting a perfect 30 out of 30 score. Obama was super angry that Jackson “attacked” Biden by making his suggestion.

“As Jackson recalled, he made the suggestion on social media back when Biden was still campaigning before the stolen election. Biden’s mental deficiencies were just as obvious then as they are now,” the report said.

“He said just 20 minutes after making the comment about the test, Obama emailed him and flew off the handle. Jackson said Obama ‘just tore me up,'” the report stated.

“An entire page about how disappointed he was in me and how it’s beneath me as a physician and beneath me as an officer in the military to be attacking Joe Biden like this. And it was a betrayal of the trust that he and his administration put in me and he was so disappointed in me and yada, yada,” Jackson went on to say.

Why so angry, Obama? Trying to hide something about your buddy? Or should we call him your puppet?

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  1. Biden fits all of the criteria to be a moron. He has his whole career. Even Obama admitted that he could not trust Biden not to f… things up; a point aptly demonstrated by his catastrophic and idiotic pull-out of Afghanistan. This article just adds fuel to the fire. He stops the Trump insulin policy that would have provided all the things he’s cursing about not being provided, and then he curses the result of HIS ACTIONS. Maybe moron is too weak a word.
    In any case, now he is a demented moron. And he has his finger on the nuclear button.


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