Christian Nationalism – A New Weapon Of The Left

(submitted by an anonymous member)(PCC) America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values and is the heart of our laws and society, from the Ten Commandments proudly displayed on the emblem on the oak doors leading into the Supreme Court chamber to the congressional opening prayer.

Judeo-Christian values are embedded in our republic. However, currently, political leaders are exploiting religious beliefs for their gain by attacking the powerful underpinning of our nation.

Those who fight against all America stands for must degrade and destroy the biblical values that made our nation great and which keeps it great.

A tool of the neo-Confederates is to mislabel, exaggerate, and falsely accuse, twisting time-tested standards into a foul mess of confused and misleading demagoguery, perverting wholesome values into a contaminated portrayal of purity.

Such is the case with Christian Nationalism. This is nothing less than a direct attack on Jewish and Christian standards but have no trouble selectively using Judeo-Christian values to support their agendas, misrepresenting the core principles of these teachings.

Short list of political-theological perversions:

– “Jesus emphasized love and compassion; therefore, endorsing socialist policies is justified.”

– “It is our responsibility to protect the Earth as stewards entrusted by G*d; installing Climate Change legislation is a divine mandate.”

– Loving one another and brotherly love have been twisted into a sexual perversion of same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and relabeling perversion into normality.

– “G*d loves a cheerful giver,” frequently used to support the idea of redistributing wealth.

– Loving America being rebranded into nationalism

…and the list goes on. This is nothing less than the weaponization of Judeo-Christian teaching.

Although biblical principles highlight generosity, environmental stewardship, and mercy, using them selectively to advance political agendas is misleading. However, the Christian New Testament emphasizes voluntary, heartfelt giving rather than forced redistribution by governments.

Moreover, distorting biblical teachings on law and order is equally worrisome. Adhering to the teachings of the Bible, it is important to remember the significance of justice and order alongside obedience to governing authorities. It stresses the importance of maintaining moral values within society.

Unfortunately, certain individuals misuse religious language to promote controlling policies, creating confusion between compassion and fairness, and between forgiveness and responsibility. By distorting biblical teachings, they conceal the genuine meaning of religious principles for their benefit.

Truly, righteousness and truth embody a comprehensive grasp of divine teachings and moral principles, rather than a cherry-picked interpretation to fit political agendas. Emphasizing the importance of following G*d’s commandments, a life in alignment with truth and righteousness is highlighted in biblical texts.

In the end, using Judeo-Christian values for political gain weakens the credibility of both religion and government. It’s crucial for individuals to understand the core principles of religious teachings and ensure politicians are held responsible for exploiting faith for their benefit.

(This article was submitted by a member who chooses to remain anonymous and they asked me to rewrite it for them.)    Glad to do it! -Steve


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