Death and Cancers and Boils – OH MY!

(PCC)Not the fallout from Hiroshima or Nagasaki but downtown East Palestine is looking like a zombie apocalypse! What is waiting for the survivors of the East Palestine Train Derailment Coverup, maybe something straight out of Z Nation! But of course the lamestream media says, ‘Nothing To See Here!”….why is that?

Do you trust the government? Good, vacation in East Palestine, drink the water, eat the food, they need the money and maybe a fresh blood transfusion…… a donor?

Following the East Palestine train derailment in early February 2023, a disturbing cover-up has come to light, involving various government agencies and social media platforms. As the incident gained global attention, concerns were raised about severe health risks for the residents of East Palestine, Ohio due to the hazardous and non disclosed materials aboard the derailed train.

An organization dedicated to protecting whistleblowers, the Government Accountability Project (GAP), has recently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Their goal is to shed light on the actions of Big Tech, specifically Facebook (Meta), in censoring posts related to the derailment. The materials on the train, some of which burned for days, released vast amounts of unknown substances into the atmosphere, causing significant concerns regarding potential long-term health effects, including sudden deaths, strange cancers, and oozing boils.

According to a source, Facebook promptly suppressed user posts  raised doubts about the official narrative surrounding the incident.

Websites such as “East Palestine Off the Rails” was banned and were removed, and individuals who were engaged in lively discussions about the specifics of the derailment experienced censorship…..why?

After the derailment, scientist Scott Smith discovered higher levels of dioxin in East Palestine. His Facebook post received a flag, accompanied by a notice stating  it violated community guidelines.

In a similar vein, Jamie Rae Wallace, who shared a mainstream media article about the incident, received a message from Mark Durno, EPA Region 5 leader, instructing her to take down the post. Facebook flagged her post as “content  is widely unpopular” which is code talk for: shut up, sit down and change the subject.

GAP raises concerns about a potential collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Facebook to influence the narrative. The FOIA request aims to uncover the truth about the government entities involved in the act of censorship, promoting transparency. But the hidden question no one seems to answer is “where is the EPA and the Alphabet Agencies soon after the derailment? …………..the sound of crickets…..

The potential health consequences for the residents of East Palestine cannot be overstated!

The release of chemical dioxins and other poisons from the derailed train has raised alarms about potential health risks in the region.

The chemical fallout presents a significant threat to public health, causing worries about unexpected fatalities, unusual cases of cancer, and painful skin conditions, as survivors struggle to cope with the consequences of the derailment.

Lesley Pacey, an advocate for open dialogue and civic engagement, highlights the significance of free speech and the public’s right to engage in discussions and debates regarding the government’s handling of environmental crises. She strongly believes  independent scientific voices, particularly those expressing valid concerns about pollution, should never face censorship.

As the FOIA request aims to uncover the truth behind Facebook censorship, the deadly health impacts of the East Palestine train derailment are a major concern for the community. They are not only dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous incident but also facing the possibility of dispersing important information about their well-being being withheld.

Final Word: What was on that train the government doesn’t want you to know about? The manifest does show dangerous toxins but what else was ‘on-board’ that wasn’t on the trains manifest? Biological weapons, spent plutonium, or perhaps unidentifiable area 51 residue? America may never know, but the residences of East Palestine are in for some very hard times!


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