Democrat Sex Problem…..Yikes!

(PCC)Sex sickness in America is growing. Liberals are finding themselves in a conundrum, if they fail to confront their “sex problem,” they may be on the brink of extinction within a single generation.

The heart of their agenda is the relentless push for unorthodox sex practices within the liberal world. By championing LGBTQ+ identities and championing the cause of abortion rights are factors which contribute to a rapid decline in childbirth rates especially in the Liberal Democrat community.

Liberals sexual pursuits do not lead to the creation of new life, just the opposite! In other words, baby making is not on their agenda and probably never will be.

Due to the fact the enlightened progressive liberal movement demands obedient conduct they become counter-productive in the name of expression. This leads to their own demise!

Therefore, without baby making they will become extinct, and  maybe this is a good thing!

This is the path they are on……..

  • Lesbians do not produce children
  • Gay people do not have children
  • Bi-sexually do not produce babies
  • Transgender individuals do not have the ability to produce offspring
  • Queers do not produce offspring
  • Killing babies through abortion, kills any hope of offsprings

It is for this reason liberals need droves of breeders to join their ranks in order to produce offspring and maybe some of the offspring can be converted into perverts while leaving the breeding herd intact!

But it doesn’t stop there. Consequently, they must incorporate black communities, which are capable of producing offspring but also make for perfect targeted breeders due to the fact their ancestors were victims of slavery.

Additionally, Hispanic, primarily from central and south America, are breeders, and the majority of them are Catholic, which is a religion which prohibits the use of contraceptives.

The fact all of the people who are pro-abortion and who are members of the LGBTQ+ community are here today because of heterosexual relations which produced offsprings! THEM!            How ironic!

The thought-provoking assertion the progressive enlighten liberals must face is extinction within a single generation and by their own choice!

If liberals are so enlightened and progressive then why can’t they figure out how to make babies and the ramification if they don’t?  If they don’t address their “sex problem” then all their progressive and enlightened ballyhoo will turn into nothing more than useless hogwash, hollow and without substance!

Look at it this way:

  1. **Unorthodox Sexual Practices:** At the heart of their narrative is the liberal endorsement of non-traditional sexual practices. Critics argue the advocacy for LGBTQ+ identities and abortion rights contribute to a decline in childbirth rates. The concern stems from the belief these pursuits don’t lead to the creation of new life, raising questions about the future of society.
  2. **Dangers of Non-Reproductive Activities:** The argument highlights identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer does not align with the biological process of childbirth, as these identities deviate from conventional heterosexual norms.
  3. **Abortion ** The narrative also reveals abortion as killing an opportunity in the name of freedom and self-determination. Abortion is morally reprehensible and a threat to human values by “taking innocent lives” but more than that it also ends a generation without offsprings and without a future.
  4. **Need for Breeders:** Critics argue liberals need individuals who actively engage in procreation, leading to the incorporation of Black, Hispanic communities, and illegal aliens. Black communities are producing offspring and Hispanic, predominantly Catholic and resistant to contraceptive use, are seen as vital contributors to this cause. While the massive influx of Illegal Aliens, mostly Hispanic and bring very large families into America and are also key to the Liberal breeding complex.
  5. **Irony of Origins:** The argument points out the irony of those advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights owe their existence to conventional procreation methods.
  6. **Political Implications:** The perspective suggests breeders play a pivotal role in propagating the Democratic Party, asserting liberals heavily rely on individuals who procreate to maintain their political influence.

The Liberal hypocrisy and irony is growing at a staggering rate fueled by the negative liberal attacks on responsible heterosexual couples being demeaned by the term ‘breeders’, a term often used derogatorily to belittle heterosexual individuals participating in the natural act of procreation. Critics argue this term undermines traditional family values and seeks to marginalize those adhering to such norms.

This debate also reveals a concerning trend where responsible breeders, dedicated to preserving specific dog breeds, face unjust vilification within a liberal echo chamber. Critics argue this hostile climate actively dissuades procreation, presenting a challenge to fundamental conservative principles.

Final Word: I don’t care what liberal democrats do, or not do in private but their solution to extinction destroys the fabric of America  …………now this bothers me. They demand their ‘personal freedom’ and wave their flag in the face of America but then turn around and import countless breeders to keep their ranks full is something which must be exposed and dealt with. They selfishly enjoy their perversion while breaking the moral construct of America!

Liberal sex perverts need people to be heteronormative for them all the while ridiculing the straights they are using as breeding stock, labeling them as fxcking neanderthals.


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