Foreign Combatants In US To Brutalize Citizens

(PCC)Patriots Sound the Alarm as China, Iran and Hama jihadists have infiltrated the US and are targeting American Citizens! Straight out of the Democrat Thug Handbook the strongarm brownshirt thugs such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and leftist combatants have paved the way for foreign government attack-teams to brutalize, beat and torture US citizen into silence!

Get this: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray, finally acknowledged the grave threat posed by China, Iran and Hamas Jihadist thugs.

In a recent hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, these officials sounded the alarm on the aggressive tactics employed by these hostile nations and jihadists, specifically targeting individual citizens right here on American soil.

These tyrannical regimes, notorious for their oppressive tactics against any form of dissent and opposition, are now spreading their tentacles to instill fear and coerce US Citizens they view as potential adversaries within the United States.

In a stunning revelation, Homeland Security has underscored the alarming reality China, Iran and others are poised to continue their relentless assault on American soil. These hostile nations, known for their belligerent behavior, have emerged as the most audacious foreign actors within the United States.

It is worth highlighting  the individuals who have been systematically targeted by these oppressive forces include ethnic and religious minorities, courageous political dissidents, Patriot groups and fearless journalists.

The despicable tactics utilized by these agents of oppressive regimes encompass a wide spectrum of abhorrent actions, ranging from brutal physical assaults and menacing threats to relentless harassment, character assassination, enforced disappearances, and chilling attempts at assassination.

In a stunning revelation, FBI Director Wray has underscored the alarming extent to which foreign nations has resorted to hiring potential assassins to carry out heinous acts against high-ranking American government officials right here on our own soil.

Foreign combatants in the US represent undisputed champion of global terrorism, emphasizing its role as the primary state sponsor of such heinous acts. Furthermore, he issued a stern caution, shedding light on foreign combatants sinister endeavors to eliminate dissidents and even target esteemed American officials, both past and present.

These remarks shed light on the alarming reality  China, Russia, Iran and Hama jihadists have escalated their aggression and enhanced their capabilities to an unprecedented level. This poses an enduring and all-encompassing national security menace that cannot be ignored.

The alarming magnitude of the situation cannot be overstated, as evidenced by the relentless investigations currently underway. FBI Director Christopher Wray has shockingly disclosed the Bureau is currently embroiled in a staggering 2,000 investigations into criminal activities linked to these foreign combatants on US soil. These investigations span across every single field office in the United States, highlighting the pervasive reach of foreign nations a radical religious groups nefarious activities.

These alarming cases encompass a wide spectrum of nefarious activities, spanning from insidious cyber and economic espionage to both conventional and unconventional methods of gathering human intelligence.

However, the Biden Regime, in collaboration with the State Department and Homeland Security, has made bold claims to reassure the American public none of the terrorists infiltrating our nation have entered through the porous US/Mexican border. It is crucial to differentiate these dangerous combatants from the hardworking migrants who are coming to America to work!

These foreign combatants are now able to produce synthetic content of superior quality at a fraction of the cost. This includes the creation of deceptive text, images, and audio, which further exacerbates the spread of misinformation and propaganda. So, the Biden Regime is looking into the review and the safe quarantine of questionable content in social media sites and publications from certain rightwing organizations.

The insidious regimes of China, Iran, Hama jihadist and foreign enemy combatants are not merely content with compromising networks and stealing property; they are unabashedly engaged in a calculated mission to subvert the very foundations of our cherished democratic, economic, and scientific institutions in the United States.

Final Word: I’m from the government and here to protect you! (but who is going to protect us from the government?…and why does it feel like this was planned by those who sworn to protect us?


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