Has Insanity Been Legalized?

(PCC)ALERT: The inmates have taken over the sanitarium and are now running the country! Send Help Now! Think this is a joke? ….keep reading, I guarantee you’ll stop laughing!

Looking back at American history, the present time is likely to be recalled as a period of significant upheaval and chaos. From political polarization to public health crises, the nation’s landscape seems filled with challenges and uncertainties. Many are wondering: How did we end up in this situation? Was it sheer incompetence or calculated intent?

Looking back at the last ten years, with eight years under President Obama’s leadership and nearly four years of President Biden’s administration, some observers see a narrative of intentional harm unfolding. They claim the Democrat Party, along with their Republican counterparts known as RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), has led the nation down a dangerous road.

For those who see purpose in the disorder, the Obama era symbolizes a crucial moment of change. According to them, Obama saw America as inherently racist, but did not address similar problems in other countries, especially in Africa. Skeptics highlight Africa, with its past of slavery and tribal conflicts, showcases an intricate web of social problems similar to those in America. The solution proposed by Obama to address racism was criticized for potentially worsening societal rifts by creating a different kind of discrimination.

Throughout his time in office, Obama’s policies were criticized for targeting what he saw as colonial power structures. Efforts like the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and changes in the military’s social policies faced criticism from some. Some individuals criticized the implementation of socialized medicine and initiatives to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in the armed forces, claiming these actions could potentially impact national security and military preparedness.

The current administration under President Biden has encountered its own array of challenges, as critics point to a perceived absence of strong leadership and competence. Questions have been raised about the government’s transparency and accountability regarding the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in relation to the quick development and distribution of vaccines. Doubts about vaccine safety and effectiveness have led to a lack of trust in medical institutions and authorities.

Furthermore, the continuous border situation has been described as more than just a surge of individuals looking for improved living conditions. Some individuals in the media, echoing viewpoints from prominent figures, have implied the current situation resembles a coordinated effort similar to an invasion by unfriendly forces, specifically pointing out the presence of military-age males from countries such as China.

In the realm of politics, there is a clear sense of disappointment with the traditional parties and establishments. Individuals such as Democratic strategist James Carville have been cited as expressing skepticism about the electorate, indicating that political maneuvering and fear tactics have a strong influence on public perception.

Anticipating the upcoming elections, the atmosphere is filled with uncertainty. Concerns about increasing violence and social unrest are growing, with political divisions deepening and confidence in institutions weakening. The Democratic Party, which was once in a strong position, is now facing internal divisions and decreasing backing, all while dealing with increasing societal issues.

Ultimately, the current situation in America is a result of various intertwined elements such as political division, health emergencies, and widespread lack of confidence. Debates continue regarding whether the current turmoil is due to incompetence, intentionality, or a mix of both.

Final Word: Anti-Judeo/Christian Disorder is a soul sickness, not racism or Colonialism. Despite its imperfections, America was founded on biblical doctrines. When we deviate from these tested laws, we fail, as is the case today, the result? INSANITY!

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